JBoss AS 5 Performance Tuning

Preface One day like many, on a JBoss AS Forum: "Hi I am running the Acme project using JBoss 5.1.0. My requirement is to allow 1000 concurrent users to access the application. But when I try to access the application with 250 users, the server slows down and finally throws an exception "Could not establish […]

Performance Tuning Concepts (JBoss AS 5) Part 2

Building the performance test You are now aware that performance tuning is an iterative process which continues until the software has met your goals in terms of Response Time and Throughput. Let’s see more in detail how to proceed with every single step of the process: Establish a baseline The first part of performance tuning […]

Installing the Tools for Tuning (JBoss AS 5) Part 1

Welcome to scientific tuning Today tuning has evolved to the rank of "science", first and foremost because it’s supported by a vast collection of tools which can help you to systematically fix your performance issues. So, before entering the tuning arena, we will install some nice software on your machine which will be used across […]

Installing the Tools for Tuning (JBoss AS 5) Part 2

Monitoring your server The central panel of VisualVM is the pulsing heart of the application. There you have access to all available profiler plugins. As a matter of fact, VisualVM is fully extensible and you can install additional plugins, which will monitor specific areas of your JVM. In the section, Extending VisualVM, we will show […]

Installing the Tools for Tuning (JBoss AS 5) Part 3

Profiling your applications with Eclipse Test and Performance Tools Platform (TPTP) Project In the first topic, we have stated that the application code is responsible for about 75% of the performance of the application itself; that way we should consider adding a specific tool which is able to pinpoint hot points and bottlenecks in your […]

Installing the Tools for Tuning (JBoss AS 5) Part 4

Building a Test Plan The Test Plan is the main container where you will run your tests. It is basically made up of a minimal set of components: 1. You need to define the number of Threads running your test so you need to define a Thread Group. 2. Then you need to define the […]

Installing the Tools for Tuning (JBoss AS 5) Part 5

How to create a stateful Test Plan By default, when you queue up several HTTP Requests, every single request will be considered as stateless, this means that a new HTTP Session will be created for every request. Just like if you open a browser window, issue the request and close the browser. If you want […]

Tuning the Java Virtual Machine (JBoss AS 5) Part 1

In this topic, we will begin our performance tour with the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) tuning. As you know, every Java application requires a JVM environment to be executed and the JBoss application server is no exception. With every new release of Java, many improvements have been made at all levels of the runtime system […]

Tuning the Java Virtual Machine (JBoss AS 5) Part 2

I cannot allocate enough memory for the JVM! A common issue that developers sometimes meet is that they are not able to allocate enough memory for server Java applications running on 32-bit machines. The issue is not specific to the JVM: on a 32-bit machine, a process cannot allocate more than 4 GB (2^32 possible […]

Tuning the Java Virtual Machine (JBoss AS 5) Part 3

Choosing the right garbage collector for your application Once you have learnt the basics of garbage collector algorithms, you can elaborate a strategy for choosing the one which is best suited to your application. The best choice is usually found after some trials. However, the following matrix will guide the reader to the available alternatives […]