Wireless Home Networking

Welcome to the wireless age! Nope, we’re not talking about your grand- father’s radio — we’re talking about almost everything under the sun — truly. What’s not going wireless? Wanna say your refrigerator? Wrong — it is. How about your stereo? Yup, that too. Watches, key chains, baby video monitors, high-end projectors — even your […]

Introducing Wireless Home Networking Part 2

Choosing a Wireless Standard The good news about wireless networks is that they come in multiple flavors, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. The bad news is that trying to decide which version to get when buying a system can get confusing. The even better news is that the dropping prices of wireless systems […]

From a to n and b-yond (Wireless Home Networking) Part 1

In the not-so-distant past, networked computers were connected only by wire: a special-purpose network cabling. This type of wiring has yet to become a standard item in new homes, but we’re getting closer, with more people asking to have a home wired from the start.The cost of installing network cabling after a house is already […]

From a to n and b-yond (Wireless Home Networking) Part 2

Get the (Access) Point? Let’s talk some more about the central pivot point in your wireless network: the access point. Somewhat similar in function to a network hub, an access point in a wireless network is a special type of wireless station that receives radio transmissions from other stations on the wireless LAN and forwards […]

Bluetooth and Other Wireless Networks

Getting the most from computer technology is all about selecting the best and most dominant technology standards. The most dominant technology for wireless home networks is clearly the 802.11 (Wi-Fi) family of technologies defined by the 802.11a, 802.11b, 802.11g, and 802.11n standards.Wi-Fi is, simply, the reason why you’re reading this topic. It’s the technology that […]

Planning a Wireless Home Network Part 1

In this topic, we show you how to plan a wireless home network — from selecting the right wireless technology (there are several variants), to deciding what things to connect and where to connect them, to the all-important act of budgeting. You also find out about other issues you should consider when planning your home […]

Planning a Wireless Home Network Part 2

Connecting to the Internet When you get right down to it, the reason why most people build wireless networks in their homes is to share their Internet connection with multiple computers or devices that they have around the house. That’s why we did it — and we bet that’s why you’re doing it. We have […]

Choosing Wireless Home Networking Equipment

When you’re building something — in this case, a wireless home ▼ ▼ network — the time comes when you have to decide which building supplies to buy. To set up a wireless home network, you need, at minimum, an access point (AP) and a wireless networking adapter for each computer or other network-enabled device […]

Installing Wireless Access Points in Windows (Wireless Home Networking)

In this topic, we describe the installation and configuration of your wireless home network’s access point. We explain how to set up and configure the access point so that it’s ready to communicate with any and all wireless devices in your home network. Before Getting Started, Get Prepared Setting up an AP does have some […]

Setting Up a Wireless Windows Network Part 1

In this topic, we describe the installation and configuration of wireless devices on Windows computers. To that end, we explain how to set up and configure the wireless network interface adapter in each of your computers (and other wireless devices) so that they can communicate with the access point (AP) and with one another. We […]