Windows XP

Technique Save Time By Finding what you want — fast Ordering with full confidence Using eBay the right way One hundred billion bucks. That’s about how much consumers will spend while using the Internet this year. It’s a staggering number — but barring some extraordinary calamity, it’s going to keep on growing. You already know […]

Using Program Compatibility Modes in Windows XP

Technique Save Time By Scanning your system for old programs that might cause problems Making your old programs work — quickly Installing old programs when the installer doesn’t work If you have a trusted, old, dog-eared copy of Norton Anti-Virus for Windows 98, throw it away. And that classic disc with Steve Gibson’s Scan Rite […]

Speeding Up Scanning for Squishable Files in Windows XP

Technique Save Time By Changing the Registry quickly and easily Telling Windows how to speed up disk cleanup by ignoring squishable files No doubt you’ve just finished Techniques 68 and 69, and you’re ready for a somewhat more complex Registry tweak. Good. This one’s my favorite because it’s straightforward and quick — and if you […]

Updating Windows xp Registered Owner

Technique Save Time By Finding out what name your computer is registered to Updating Windows’ Registered Owner and Registered Company So you just finished reading Technique 68 and you want to try a Registry change that won’t get you tied up in knots. Have I got a tweak for you. When you first installed Windows, […]

Changing the Windows XP Registry without Getting Burned

Technique Save Time By Getting in and out of the Registry without breaking anything Knowing when tweaking the Registry is a waste of time (Answer: usually) Making a few changes . . . just for practice, right? The Registry is a big, dark spooky place full of peril and hidden pitfalls. Kind of like, oh, […]

Part XI (Windows XP)

Creating a Startup Disk for Windows XP

Technique Save Time By Demanding a Windows XP CD when you buy a new computer Creating a Windows XP startup disk that bypasses key system files Making an old DOS startup disk work on your system If you grew up in the Windows Me/98 world, you know the importance of having an emergency boot disk […]

Surviving the Blue Screen of Death in Windows XP

Technique Save Time By Knowing when to laugh and when to panic Using common sense to nail — and solve — the problem Getting back online quickly, with a minimum of headaches A problem has been detected and windows has been shut down to prevent damage to your computer. The problem seems to be caused […]

Recovering a Lost Password in Windows XP

Technique Save Time By Setting up a password reset disk now — before you need it Using a password reset disk quickly and correctly Figuring out what to do if you lost your password and don’t have a reset disk There’s a downside to creating good, strong passwords. What if you forget yours? If your […]

Restoring Your Windows XP System after Calamitous Change

Technique Save Time By Making a System Restore Point before you install something new Rolling back immediately with System Restore Using the Last Known Good Configuration option in a Windows boot Ever get the feeling that Windows was about to head down the tubes, in a hurry? Before you get to that point, you should […]