In This Chapter Recognizing the signs of relapse Avoiding hospitalization Staying on track with treatment When the symptoms of schizophrenia subside, keeping them under control and seeing that your loved one lives as normal and gratifying a life as possible becomes a high priority. In this chapter, we give you tools to help you achieve […]

Ten Tips for Helping Families and Friends Cope and Come Out on Top from schizophrenia

In This Chapter Building a team Partnering with professionals Educating yourself Supporting your loved one Taking care of yourself and the rest of your family Remaining hopeful and giving back Never underestimate the value of family and friends in the life of a person with schizophrenia. The support you give and the advocacy you provide […]

Ten Myths about Schizophrenia You Can Forget

In This Chapter Differentiating between what schizophrenia is and isn’t Understanding the nature of people with schizophrenia Exploding the myths and misperceptions about the disorder and its treatment Schizophrenia is one of the most feared, misunderstood, and stigmatized disorders because myths and misperceptions abound about the diagnosis, its symptoms, and its treatment. Although there still […]

Part 5 (Schizophrenia)

In this part Every topic concludes with a Part of Tens that imparts the wisdom of the ages in short-list form. In our Part of Tens, we highlight ten myths and misperceptions about schizophrenia, ten tips for helping family and friends cope, and ten ways to avoid relapse.

Meeting the basic needs of people with schizophrenia

In This Chapter Recognizing the fundamental importance of hope Facilitating the recovery process Meeting the basic needs of people with schizophrenia Identifying the roadblocks you’ll encounter People with schizophrenia are, above all else, people. They have hopes, V dreams, and human needs like everyone else. When you’re in the trenches dealing with the day-to-day challenges […]

Coping with Crises in Schizophrenia

In This Chapter Being prepared for psychiatric emergencies Recognizing signs of an impending crisis Watching for suicide risks Knowing what to do if your loved one disappears Handling arrests A psychiatric crisis is a frightening event for everyone — the individual, family and friends, sometimes even the community at large. A psychiatric crisis handled poorly […]

Housing Choices for someone having Schizophrenia : FiguringOut Where to Live

In This Chapter Deciding whether living at home is an option for your loved one Understanding other specialized housing options Determining the right fit for your loved one Evaluating residential-care programs Preventing your loved one from being homeless Having a stable place to live and call home — whether it’s an apartment, a private room […]

Helping your loved one having Schizophrenia

In This Chapter Helping your loved one fit in Coping with troublesome behaviors Fostering independence Finding information, support, and advocacy There’s no instruction manual for helping a loved one with schizophrenia live as normal and productive a life as possible. Although topics like this one are invaluable, most of the skills necessary to cope with […]

Schizophrenia and the Family

In This Chapter Adjusting to the diagnosis Breaking the news Coping with the challenges of caregiving Keeping the family safe and secure Planning for the future When someone close to you has just been diagnosed with schizophrenia, you’re likely to feel as though your world has come to an end. Many families have told us […]

Part 4 (Schizophrenia)

In this part Schizophrenia doesn’t just affect one individual — it affects an entire family. We offer concrete advice on how to break the news to others and how to cope with the challenges it poses to families. Caregiving has its demands and rewards, and we cover them in this part. To be an effective […]