Personal Computer

In This Chapter ► Remember that you’re in charge ► Mind who “helps” you ► Give yourself time to learn Create separate accounts ► Use a UPS Consider some hardware upgrades ► Avoid crying “Wolf” in e-mail ► Don’t reinstall Windows Shun the hype ► Don’t take this computer stuff too seriously If don’t consider […]

Ten Commandments for your Personal computer

In This Chapter Don’t fear your computer Always save your work Back up your stuff Don’t open or delete unknown files Don’t fall prey to online predators Use antivirus and update software Be smart about upgrades Use the PC with proper posture Keep windows up-to-date Always properly quit Windows Take it from me: I’ve been […]

The Part of Tens (Personal Computer)

In this part My grandmother told me that “things happen in threes.” Maybe. I would counter Grandma with “Things always happen, it’s just easy to name three things when given the chance.” What’s far more difficult is to move up from three to ten. Though anyone can name three state capitals, three famous bald guys, […]

Making your computer safe for your kids

In This Chapter Configuring your kid’s computer account Limiting Junior’s PC access Restricting games Preventing programs from running Seeing what your kids are up to Preventing online bullying despite its attraction to kids, a computer can be a decidedly non-kid-friendly thing. Beyond the scourge of malicious software, there are places on the Internet you definitely […]

Sharing your life online via computer

In This Chapter Using Facebook Tweeting your thoughts Locating an image hosting Web site Putting your pictures on the Internet Signing up for YouTube Publishing videos Once upon a computer time, the rage was to create your own Web page. Doing so made you part of the high-tech in-crowd. You could use that Web page […]

Ripping,Burning and Building Music Files in your Computer

In This Chapter Working with Windows Media Player Ripping music from CDs Building playlists Using a portable music player Burning a music CD Listening to Windows talk Making the PC listen to you To be a with-it denizen of the new century, you most likely want to use your PC as a hub of your […]

Watching video on your computer

In This Chapter Understanding video on the computer Watching video Connecting a video camera Creating your own movies Using Windows Media Center Recording programs Creating a video DVD Managing your TV recordings It’s not that odd to consider that a computer can be used to watch videos or television. Way back in the early days, […]

Working with digital camera & scanner images in windows (Personal Computer)

In This Chapter Using a digital camera Getting images from your digital camera Setting up a scanner Creating images with a scanner Working with images in Windows Converting picture file formats Understanding resolution Setting the right resolution Back up! Move left! Move right! Roger, you’re not smiling! Okay, everyone, say “Cheese!” Such is the ritual […]

Understanding the disc burning in your computer

In This Chapter Understanding the disc-burning thing Inserting the disc Choosing a proper format Working with the disc in Windows Wiping out an RW disc Labeling discs Throwing away a disc ehold the optical disc! It’s your PC’s removable media of choice. The computer eats optical discs, consuming them for their data, music, or video. […]

How to install, uninstall & upgrade software in your computer

In This Chapter Adding programs to your PC Starting programs Pinning programs Creating desktop shortcuts Removing software Updating and upgrading software Using Windows Update A computer system is a thing to behold, but it’s not worth a darn unless ¥ \ it has software inside the thing that actually gets something done. Those programs are […]