The Quintessential Orchids: Cattleyas and Their Relatives

By Steven A. Frowine In This Topic Understanding how cattleyas and laelias made it from nature to your home Growing cattleyas’ wild relatives Looking at the man-made cattleya orchids Discovering small-growing cattleyas, the minicatts When people picture what a typical orchid looks like, the cattleya flower is usually what comes to mind. Years ago, the […]

Slipper Orchids

By Steven A. Frowine In This Topic Seeing the advantages to growing lady’s slippers Helping your lady’s slipper to feel at home Choosing the right lady’s slipper for you Lady’s slippers are some of the easiest orchids to grow and among the most rewarding orchids you’ll find, making them a great orchid for beginners. They […]

Dancing Ladies: Oncidiums and Their Relatives (Orchids)

By Steven A. Frowine In This Topic Enjoying sprays of colorful flowers: Oncidiums Understanding the pansy orchids: Miltonias and their hybrids Knowing the spider orchids: Brassias Discovering other Oncidium relatives This group of orchids is referred to as “dancing ladies” because the lips of many of them are flared like a flounced dancing gown, and […]

Significant Others (Orchids)

By Steven A. Frowine In This Topic Discovering one of the biggest of all groups of orchids: Dendrobiums Finding orchids that are as weird as they get: Bulbophyllums Considering some other orchids In the previous topics, I present you with some of the largest orchid groups that are most suitable for home orchid growing. But, […]

The Ten (or So) Easiest Orchids to Grow

By Steven A. Frowine In This Topic Finding the orchid that’s right for you Choosing an orchid that grows well where you live Throughout this topic, I let you know about orchids that are not temperamental or especially demanding, but the orchids in this topic are some of the most satisfying to grow because of […]

The Ten Most Frequently Asked Questions about Orchids

By Steven A. Frowine In This Topic Figuring out whether orchids are right for you Easing your mind with the orchid answers you need This entire topic covers everything you need to know about orchids, but in this topic, I answer some of the most common questions that beginning orchid growers have. Are Orchids Difficult […]

The Ten Most Common Ways Orchids Are Killed

By Steven A. Frowine In This Topic Knowing you’re not alone if your orchid bites the bullet Helping your orchids live a long life Sooner or later, everyone loses a few orchids to the Grim Reaper, but some causes of death take more orchid lives than they should. Being on the lookout to prevent these […]

Resources for Orchids

By Steven A. Frowine Plant Suppliers You may be fortunate enough to live close to an orchid grower, but if you don’t or if you just want the convenience of buying by mail, you may want to try out some of the suppliers in this section. All these folks are people who specialize in orchids. […]

The Ten Most Common Reasons Why Orchids Don’t Bloom

By Steven A. Frowine In This Topic Knowing how to keep your orchids blooming Giving your orchids what they need Nothing is more frustrating than having your orchid plants look good and healthy but still not bloom. This is a common problem that can be easily remedied, and in this topic, I show you how. […]