Learning Objectives 1.    Explain how certain events in ancient and medieval times influenced the development of contemporary nursing. 2.    Discuss Florence Nightingale’s influence on modern nursing practice. 3.    List at least 10 of Florence Nightingale’s nursing principles that are still practiced today. 4.    Identify important individuals who contributed to the development of nursing in the […]

The Origins of Nursing (The Nature of Nursing) Part 2

Nursing in the United States Nursing in the colonial United States was primarily a family matter, with mothers caring for their own families or neighbors helping each other. Throughout the 19 th and 20th centuries, historical and nursing developments interacted to build the foundation of modern nursing practice. The establishment and growth of a system […]

Beginning Your Nursing Career (The Nature of Nursing) Part 1

Learning Objectives 1.    Compare the education and level of practice between registered and practical nurses. 2.    Explain the various types of educational programs that lead to licensure. 3.    Identify the standards of the National Federation of Licensed Practical Nurses in relationship to each of the following: education, legal status, and practice. 4.    Differentiate between permissive […]

Beginning Your Nursing Career (The Nature of Nursing) Part 2

Approval and Accreditation of Nursing Programs Approved Nursing Programs Nursing programs are very different from general college courses, such as history, mathematics, or English. Nursing schools must maintain specific educational standards that are defined by legislating bodies. As such, nursing programs must have approval from a specific state agency or nursing authority, which is usually […]

Beginning Your Nursing Career (The Nature of Nursing) Part 3

Nursing Organizations Nursing organizations provide professional forums for students, licensed nurses, and nursing faculty. Most organizations offer continuing education opportunities, publications, certifications in such areas as pharmacology or long-term care nursing, and monitoring of national and state legislation relating to healthcare. State and national conferences that are presented or supported by nursing organizations are productive […]

The Healthcare Delivery System (The Nature of Nursing) Part 1

Learning Objectives 1.    Discuss trends and challenges of healthcare in the 21st century. Relate these changes to the needs of nurses, healthcare practitioners, and the consumers of healthcare (clients). 2.    Define and discuss differences between acute care and extended care facilities, and identify the types of healthcare services provided in each type of healthcare facility. […]

The Healthcare Delivery System (The Nature of Nursing) Part 2

Home Healthcare Home healthcare may be a service provided by an acute care facility or it may be a service provided by an agency that specializes in home healthcare (Fig. 3-1). Home healthcare focuses on the return of health using a recuperative environment that is familiar to the client. Services in the home often include […]

The Healthcare Delivery System (The Nature of Nursing) Part 3

Financing Healthcare The costs of healthcare continue to be a concern. Various programs and legislation have evolved to address this issue. Societal, legal, and ethics issues influence the costs of healthcare. The Health Planning and Resources Development Act of 1975 established legislation to govern the amount and types of facilities, services, and workers needed in […]

The Healthcare Delivery System (The Nature of Nursing) Part 4

Impact of Changes in Third-Party Payment The evolving system of healthcare financing in the United States has greatly affected the delivery of healthcare. Changes include: •    Emphasis on wellness, disease prevention, and health promotion •    Greatly decreased length of hospital stays •    Use of hospitals for only the critically ill •    Higher levels of client […]

Legal and Ethical Aspects of Nursing (The Nature of Nursing) Part 1

Learning Objectives 1.    Define and describe the legal and ethical standards of healthcare and how they relate to nursing. 2.    Explain the implications for nurses for the concepts of false imprisonment, abandonment of care, invasion of privacy, and confidentiality. 3.    Define and discuss the purpose of a Nurse Practice Act. Name the components of a […]