Nikon D300s

In This Chapter Removing red-eye Tweaking exposure and color Adding artistic effects Cropping away excess background Experimenting with time-lapse photography Consider this chapter the literary equivalent of the end of one of those late-night infomercial offers — the part where the host exclaims, “But wait! There’s more!” The features covered in these pages fit the […]

Part 4 (Nikon D300s)

In this part In time-honored tradition, this part of the topic contains additional tidbits of information presented in the always popular “Top Ten” list format. Chapter 10 details ten camera-customization options that haven’t been covered in earlier chapters, while Chapter 11 introduces you to ten camera functions that I consider specialty tools — bonus options […]

Ten Ways to Customize Your Nikon D300s Camera

In This Chapter Creating and saving custom menu banks Adding copyright data and hidden text to picture files Using your own folder and filenames Changing the behavior of some buttons and dials Have you ever tried to cook dinner in someone else’s house or work W m from another colleague’s desk? Why is nothing stored […]

Printing and Sharing Your Pictures (Nikon D300s)

In This Chapter Setting the stage for great prints Preparing a picture for the Web Creating a slide show Viewing images on a TV When my first digital photography topic was published, way back in the 1990s, consumer digital cameras didn’t offer the resolution needed to produce good prints at anything more than postage-stamp size […]

Downloading, Organizing, and Archiving Your Picture Files from Nikon D300s

In This Chapter Transferring pictures to your computer Using Nikon Transfer and ViewNX to download and organize photos Processing NEF (RAW) files Copying pictures between memory cards Keeping your picture files safe from harm For many novice digital photographers (and even some experienced ones), the task of moving pictures to the computer and then keeping […]

Part 3 (Nikon D300s)

In this part You’ve got a memory card full of pictures and movie files. Now what? Turn to the first chapter in this part, which explains how to get those files out of your camera and onto your computer. The same chapter also talks about processing photos that you capture in the NEF (RAW) file […]

Best all-around picture-taking settings in Nikon D300s

In This Chapter Reviewing the best all-around picture-taking settings Adjusting the camera for portrait photography Discovering the keys to super action shots Dialing in the right settings to capture landscapes and other scenic vistas Capturing close-up views of your subject Earlier chapters of this topic break down each and every picture-taking feature on your D300s, […]

Manipulating Focus and Color in Nikon D300s

In This Chapter Controlling the camera’s autofocusing performance Understanding focal lengths, depth of field, and other focus factors Exploring white balance and its affect on color Investigating other advanced color options To many people, the word focus has just one interpretation when applied to a photograph: Either the subject is in focus or it’s blurry. […]

Getting Creative with Exposure and Lighting in Nikon D300s

In This Chapter Understanding the basics of exposure Choosing the right exposure mode: P, S, A, or M? Reading meters and other exposure cues Tweaking exposure with Exposure Compensation and Active D-Lighting Getting better flash results Creating a safety net with automatic bracketing Mastering the art of exposure is one of the most challenging aspects […]

Part 2 (Nikon D300s)

In this part This part of the topic details the myriad ways you can manipulate exposure, focus, and color to capture an image as you see it in your mind’s eye. And don’t think that you have to be a genius or spend years to be successful — adding just a few simple techniques to […]