Java Script

Using JavaScript to Enhance Your Pages

In this part JavaScript was developed as a language for manipulating Web pages. Use this part to learn how JavaScript interacts directly with the Web page. Chapter 6 describes the powerful Document Object Model, and how this mechanism lets your JavaScript programs interact with the Web page. You’ll learn how to listen for button events, […]

Functions, Arrays, and Objects In JavaScript

In This Chapter Making code manageable with functions Passing parameters into functions Returning values from functions Examining functions and variable scope Producing basic arrays Retrieving data from arrays Building a multi-dimensional array Creating custom objects with properties and methods Building object constructors Building JSON data structures It doesn’t take long for your code to become […]

Loops and Debugging In JavaScript

In This Chapter Creating for loops Learning for loop variations Building flexible while loops Making well-behaved while loops Recognizing troublesome loops Catching crashes with debugging tools Catching logic errors Using the Aptana line-by-line debugger Using the Firebug debugger Watching variables and conditions Computer programs can do repetitive tasks easily. This is accomplished ^^through a series […]

Changing Program Behavior with Conditions In JavaScript

In This Chapter Generating random numbers and converting them to integers Understanding conditions Using the if-else structure Managing multiple conditions Using the switch structure Handling unusual conditions One of the most important aspects of computers is their apparent ability to make decisions. Computers can change their behavior based on circumstances. In this chapter you learn […]

Writing Your First Program In JavaScript

In This Chapter Adding JavaScript code to your pages Setting up your environment for JavaScript Creating variables Input and output with modal dialog boxes Using concatenation to build text data Understanding basic data types Using string methods and properties Using conversion functions eb pages begin with XHTML code. This basic code provides the framework. CSS […]

Taking the Web to the Next Level In Java Script

In This Chapter Reviewing HTML, XHTML, and CSS Examining the role of JavaScript and AJAX Exploring what JavaScript and AJAX can add to Web pages Choosing an editor Building your browser toolkit The Web is a pretty big deal. It’s a lot of fun to build Web pages, and just about every business needs them. […]

Programming with JavaScript

In this part You enter the world of JavaScript programming. The kind of programming you learn in this part is suitable for any kind of language. You’ll be able to translate these ideas to any major language without difficulty. Of course, the examples and emphasis are in JavaScript. Chapter 1 helps you gather your tools. […]