Jack the Ripper

The Witnesses (Jack the Ripper) Part 1

All witnesses are referred to in this section. Those who described an individual seen near the scene of a murder are also mentioned in the "Descriptions" section. Most witnesses are also mentioned in the narrative of the case they were involved in. (See "The Victims" section.) Albrook, Lizzie Lizzie Albrook was a resident of Miller’s […]

The Witnesses (Jack the Ripper) Part 2

Ede, Thomas A railway signalman called to give evidence at Annie Chapman’s inquest on 17 September 1888. He reported that he had seen a man outside the Forester’s Arms public house with a knife blade protruding from his pocket on 8 September, the day of the murder. This man was traced and shown to be […]

The Witnesses (Jack the Ripper) Part 3

Levy, Joseph Hyam A resident of 1 Hutchinson Street, Ald-gate, and a witness at Catherine Ed-dowes’s inquest. Together with Joseph Lawende and Harry Harris, he had spent the night of 29 September 1888 at the Imperial Club in Duke’s Place and had left at 1:35 A.M. on the 30th. The three men noticed a man […]

The Witnesses (Jack the Ripper) Part 4

Pickett, Catherine A resident of Miller’s Court, she was not called as a witness at Mary Jane Kelly’s inquest but had said she had heard Kelly singing on the night of the latter’s death. Pickett wanted to go down to complain because the noise was disturbing her, but her husband, David, prevented her from doing […]

The Police (Jack the Ripper) Part 1

Every police officer who played any part in the investigations of the various murders is included in this section. Some played very minor roles; others had a much greater involvement. Obviously, the officers are also mentioned in the cases they worked on. (See "The Victims" section.) Let me begin with a little historical background. The […]

The Police (Jack the Ripper) Part 2

Hutt, Constable George Hutt, Constable 968, was the officer in charge of the cells at Bishopsgate Police Station on the night of 29-30 September 1888. He checked on Catherine Eddowes, who had been detained for drunkenness, from time to time. When he judged her to be sober and capable of looking after herself, Hutt took […]

Others Who Played a Part (Jack the Ripper) Part 1

This section includes all those who were in some way involved in the Whitechapel investigations but were not victims, witnesses, police officers working on the cases, or doctors examining the evidence. Aarons, Joseph Treasurer of the Whitechapel Vigilance Committee, which was chaired by George Lusk. Allen, Elizabeth A resident of Crossingham’s Lodging House at 35 […]

Others Who Played a Part (Jack the Ripper) Part 2

Macdonald, Dr. Roderick The coroner at Mary Jane Kelly’s inquest. The speed with which he conducted the proceedings has led some authors to suggest that there was a police or high-level cover-up. More likely he simply did not wish the lurid details of the murder to be published, as had been the case for the […]

Chronology (Jack the Ripper)

1887 28 June Israel Lipski poisons Miriam Angel at 16 Batty Street. 22 August Israel Lipski is hanged at Newgate prison. 30 September Michael Ostrog is transferred from Wandsworth prison to the Surrey Pauper Lunatic Asylum. 13 November Bloody Sunday rally. 26 December Date of the supposed murder of Fairy Fay. 1888 6 January Oswald […]

Descriptions (Jack the Ripper)

This section includes any description that we may reasonably assume to be that of a man responsible for one of the murders. This selection is not based on the assumption that all the murders were by the same hand. Rather, I have taken each case individually to determine who, if anyone, was most likely to […]