Jack the Ripper

As with all other aspects of the Jack the Ripper case, there are disagreements as to precisely how many victims the killer finally claimed. Most writers agree that Mary Ann Nichols, Annie Chapman, and Catherine Eddowes were murdered by the same hand. The vast majority also include Mary Jane Kelly, though some claim that she […]

The Victims (Jack the Ripper) Part 2

Martha Tabram Tuesday, 7 August 1888 John Saunders Reeves, a dockside laborer, had to be at work early. That was why he left his home at 37 George Yard Buildings, George Yard, at 4:45 A.M. on 7 August. However, on this particular date John Reeves would be delayed, for as he walked down the stairs […]

The Victims (Jack the Ripper) Part 3

Mary Ann Nichols Friday, 31 August 1888 It was a few minutes before 3:40 A.M. on 31 August when Charles Cross, a carman, turned from Brady Street into Buck’s Row, a dark road with terraced houses on the southern side and warehouses on the north. It ended with the looming presence of the Board School […]

The Victims (Jack the Ripper) Part 4

Annie Chapman Saturday, 8 September 1888 A total of 17 souls lived in the house at 29 Hanbury Street. Facing the street at the front was a cat’s-meat shop run by Harriet Hardiman, who slept in the shop with her 16-year-old son. There was one other room on the ground floor, at the back, which […]

The Victims (Jack the Ripper) Part 5

Susan Ward Ca. Saturday, 15 September 1888 On 3 October 1888 the Daily Telegraph carried a report that about 10 days earlier, around 23 September, a drunken prostitute had been attacked as she turned off Commercial Road. Fortunately for her, her screams scared the man off and she sustained only minor injuries to her arm. […]

The Victims (Jack the Ripper) Part 6

Catherine Eddowes Sunday, 30 September 1888 At 1:30 A.M. on 30 September, Constable Edward Watkins’s beat took him into Mitre Square in the City of London. Although close to the busy neighborhoods of Duke Street and Aldgate, the square was very quiet at night and poorly lit. There were only two lights in the square […]

The Victims (Jack the Ripper) Part 7

The Whitehall Mystery Ca. Wednesday, 3 October 1888 On the morning of 3 October 1888, workmen reporting for duty on the site of the New Scotland Yard building on the Embankment found that during the previous night or early-morning hours someone had scaled the wooden palings around the area and deposited a body in one […]

The Victims (Jack the Ripper) Part 8

Annie Farmer Tuesday, 20 November 1888 On 20 November 1888 Annie Farmer picked up a client whom she took back to her usual lodging house, Satchell’s, at 19 George Street. There the man paid for a bed for the two of them. About two hours later Annie let out a terrible scream and appeared in […]

The Victims (Jack the Ripper) Part 9

The Pinchin Street Torso Ca. Sunday, 8 September 1889 The man who walked into the London offices of the New York Herald had an all too familiar tale to tell—Jack the Ripper had struck again! Giving his name as John Cleary and his address as 21 White Horse Yard, the man said a body had […]

The Victims (Jack the Ripper) Part 10

Emma Elizabeth Smith Attacked at ca. 1:30 A.M. Tuesday, 3 April 1888 Once again the primary motive for this attack seems to have been robbery, but the strongest reason for discounting this event as a Ripper crime is the fact that, according to Emma herself, three men were involved. In addition, Emma was raped, and […]