IPhone Application Development

Ten Ways to Be a Happy iPhone Developer

In This Topic How not to paint yourself into a corner Avoiding “There’s no way to get there from here.” 7here are lots of things you know you’re supposed to do, but you don’t because you think they’ll never catch up with you. (After all, not flossing won’t cause you problems until your teeth fall […]

It's Never Early Enough to Start Speaking a Foreign Language (IPhone Application Development)

With the world growing even flatter, and the iPhone available in more than 80 countries, the potential market for your app is considerably larger than just people who speak English. Localizing an application isn’t difficult, just tedious. Some of it you can get away with doing late in the project, but when it comes to […]

UICatalog (IPhone Application Development)

This sample illustrates all the elements you’d want to use in your app’s user interface. (Y ou know — all those buttons, icons, and bangles that the user sees on-screen.) This one application shows you how to implement all of them.

URLCache (IPhone Application Development)

URLCache demonstrates how to download a resource, store it in the data directory, and use the local copy. Very useful for anything you want your app to do on the Web. It also includes a framework for asynchronous processing. If you need to download a lot o’ data when the application starts, this sample shows […]

XML (IPhone Application Development)

There are actually two XML samples I can recommend. The first one, SeismicXML, shows you how to work with XML documents. When you launch it, it gets and parses an RSS feed. This particular feed is from the U.S. Geological Survey that provides data on recent earthquakes around the world. (I live in Northern California, […]

Tables (IPhone Application Development)

There are a number of samples that show you how to implement the functionality inherent in the table view. I’ll just list them here, and you can examine them at your leisure: Accessory implements a checkmark button in a custom accessory view. DateCell shows you how to format date objects in a table view cell […]

iPhone CoreDataRecipes (IPhone Application Development)

This sample shows you how to do a lot of things, among them using view controllers, table views, and Core Data in an iPhone application. It uses the view controller to manage information, and table views to display and edit data. What is more important, though, is its use of Core Data. Core Data is […]

NavBar (IPhone Application Development)

Navigation bars crop up in the topic from time to time (in particular, in topic 16), and I show you how to add a Back button in topic 16. If you want to customize an existing navigation bar even more, this app has the code that shows you how to do it. You can add […]

Reachability (IPhone Application Development)

If you’re a network geek, this one is great — otherwise, you can use this code to get your app to determine network state and check whether a particular site is available. This app also shows you, if you uncomment a line of code, how to run in asynchronous mode and notify the application of […]

BubbleLevel (IPhone Application Development)

I can’t help it. I love this application. It includes a lot of things any iPhone app developer would want to know how to do, including graphics and audio, and how to develop an application with a landscape view. It also allows you to calibrate the level with directions on the flipside of the level […]