Experimental and Applied Mechanics

Keywords: Dynamic cracking, Ultra-high speed camera, Digital Image Correlation, Spalling test. Abstract The dynamic crack velocity is a key-parameter involved in the micro-mechanics based modelling of the tensile damage of geomaterials under impact loading. However, because of technical difficulties, very few experimental methods have been proposed in the literature. In this work, a new set-up […]

Crack growth behavior in preloaded metallic nested-angle plates under flight load spectrum (Experimental and Applied Mechanics)

ABSTRACT Numerical and experimental results are presented from a project aimed at predicting the fatigue life of a rotorcraft airframe component subjected to flight load spectrum. The airframe component is a riveted joint used on cabin frame cap splices of several civilian and military helicopters which hereafter is modeled as lap-joined nested-angle plates. This component […]

Experimental and Finite Element Analysis (FEM) of Bioceramics (Experimental and Applied Mechanics) Part 1

ABSTRACT Hydroxyapatite (HAP) displays very excellent biocompatibility in the body and is for the most part used in biomedical applications thanks to well biocompatibility for replacement of bone. In fact, Boron and Ti containing HAP are the bioactive materials and it can incorporate into bone structures, supporting bone in-growth without breaking down or dissolving, and […]

Experimental and Finite Element Analysis (FEM) of Bioceramics (Experimental and Applied Mechanics) Part 2

Numerical procedure It is aimed to compute the macroscopic stresses and strains using a homogenization procedure. The procedure consists on defining the deformation state at each integration point, in the FE model, as well as the current matrix average state that depends on the corresponding state at the previous step time. FE analysis provides an […]

Damage Analysis of the Ceramic Reinforced Steel Matrix Composites Sheets: Experimental and Numerical Study (Experimental and Applied Mechanics) Part 1

ABSTRACT This paper reports damage analysis of TiB2 (ceramic particles) reinforced steel matrix composite sheets. This new steel composite receives much attention as potential structural materials due to their high specific strength and stiffness. The goal of the research described in this paper is to study the usage of this new steel family in the […]

Damage Analysis of the Ceramic Reinforced Steel Matrix Composites Sheets: Experimental and Numerical Study (Experimental and Applied Mechanics) Part 2

Results The FE solution used to simulate two-phase composites consisting of an elasto-plastic matrix reinforced by linear elastic inclusions. The predictions of the mean-field models are compared to the reference results from FE computations on representative cells containing a random arrangement of multiple inclusions. Uniaxial compressive loading are successively applied to the multi particle cells […]

Dynamic Mechanical Properties of Polymeric Materials Aged in PEM Fuel Cell Conditions (Experimental and Applied Mechanics)

ABSTRACT Gaskets/seals in PEM fuel cells are exposed to acidic, humid air, mechanical compressive pressure and cyclic temperature environment. Chemical degradation of three elastomeric gasket materials in a simulated and an aggressive accelerated fuel cell solution at 80oC up to 63 weeks was investigated in this work using dynamic mechanical analysis (DMA) which assesses the […]

Mechanical Characterization and Modeling Of Solid Oxide Fuel Cells and Stacks (Experimental and Applied Mechanics)

ABSTRACT Planar Solid Oxide Fuel Cells (SOFCs) are made up of repeating sequences of thin layers of cermet electrodes, ceramic electrolytes, seals, and current-collectors. For electro-chemical reasons it is best to keep the electrolyte layers as thin as possible. However, for electrolyte-supported cells, the thin electrolytes are more susceptible to damage during production, assembly, and […]

The Impulse Imparted upon Monolithic Metal Plates due to Blast Loading (Experimental and Applied Mechanics)

ABSTRACT The impulse imparted onto a structure is a major component in the study of fluid-structure interactions during a blast loading event. A better understanding of the impulse transferred to a structure will lead to an improved evaluation of an object’s blast performance. However, limited experimental studies have been performed to determine the impulse imparted […]

Investigation in Shear Behavior of Intermetallic Composites Using V-Notched Beam Test Method (Experimental and Applied Mechanics)

ABSTRACT Nano-engineered intermetallic composites have been recently developed and identified as an emerging technology for a number of breakthrough downhole applications at Baker Hughes. This type of intermetallic composite is composed of particulate metallic phases with specifically designed intermetallic intergranular interphases, which may behave very differently from conventional metal-based composites and alloys. The customized design […]