Excel VBA

Putting All Excel VBA concepts Together

In this part The preceding 20 chapters cover quite a bit of material. At this point, you may still feel a bit disjointed about all the VBA stuff. The chapters in this part fill in the gaps and tie everything together. I discuss custom worksheet functions (a very useful feature), describe add-ins, provide more programming […]

Understanding Excel Menus with VBA

In This Chapter Knowing menu terminology Understanding the types of menu modifications you can make  Understanding the object model Modifying menus with VBA You may not realize it, but you can change almost every aspect of Excel’s menus. Typical Excel users get by just fine with the standard menus. Because you’re reading this topic, however, […]

Customizing the Excel Toolbars with VBA

In This Chapter Using toolbars in Excel ► Customizing toolbars in different ways Creating different images on toolbar buttons ► Manipulating toolbars with VBA Excel is definitely not a toolbar-challenged product. It comes with dozens of built-in toolbars, and constructing new toolbars is very easy. This chapter shows you how to manipulate toolbars with VBA. […]

Creating Custom Toolbars and Menus (Excel VBA)

In this part This part consists of only two chapters, both of which deal with customizing the Excel user interface. Chapter 19 focuses on toolbars. In Chapter 20, I discuss the types of modifications you can make to the Excel menus.

UserForm Techniques and Tricks in Excel VBA

In This Chapter Using a custom dialog box in your application Creating a dialog box: A hands-on example The previous chapters show you how to insert a UserForm (which contains a custom dialog box), add controls to the UserForm, and adjust some of the control’s properties. These skills, however, won’t do you much good unless […]

Using Dialog Box Controls in Excel VBA

In This Chapter Understanding each type of dialog box control Changing each control’s properties Working with dialog box controls user responds to a custom dialog box (also known as a UserForm) by using the various controls (buttons, edit boxes, option buttons, and so on) that the dialog box contains. Your VBA code then makes use […]

Excel VBA Custom Dialog Box Basics

In This Chapter Finding out when to use custom dialog boxes Understanding UserForm objects Displaying a custom dialog box Creating a custom dialog box that works with a useful macro custom dialog box is useful if your VBA macro needs to get information from a user. For example, your macro may have some options that […]

Custom Dialog Box Alternatives in Excel VBA

In This Chapter Saving time by using any of several alternatives to custom dialog boxes Using the InputBox and MsgBox functions to get information from the user Getting a filename and path from the user Writing VBA code to display any of the Excel built-in dialog boxes You can’t use Excel very long without being […]

Developing Custom Dialog Boxes in Excel VBA

In this part The four chapters in this part show you how to develop custom dialog boxes (also known as UserForms). This VBA feature is fairly easy to use, after you get a few basic concepts under your belt. And, if you’re like me, you may actually enjoy creating dialog boxes.

VBA Programming Examples

In This Chapter Exploring VBA examples Making your VBA code run as fast as possible The philosophy for learning how to write Excel macros places heavy emphasis on examples. I find that a well-thought-out example often communicates a concept much better than a lengthy description of the underlying theory. Because you’re reading this topic, you […]