What is a network? A network is a way to connect computers so that they can communicate with each other – as if they were one giant computer with different terminals. The best part is that a network enables high-speed Internet connection sharing, as well as the sharing of printers and other peripherals. By setting […]

Glossary For Business on Ebay

About Me page: The free Web page given to every eBay.co.uk user. An excellent promotional tool. absentee bid: A bid that an auctioneer places on a lot (or lots) – up to a maximum amount that you designate – in your absence. When you want to participate in a live auction but can’t attend it […]

Ten Strategies to Sell Your Stuff Successfully On Ebay

In This Chapter Snapping pretty pictures Setting perfect pricing Selling yourself: writing the ultimate description Anything to add? Making sure you get paid Postage and packing Getting great feedback Okay, so we’ve given you an entire topic on how to sell well, but this chapter has the key pointers that you should take as gospel […]

Ten Successful (and Happy) eBay Sellers and Their Stories

In This Chapter People who make their living selling at eBay . . . . . . and love it! My enjoy hearing stories about how much people like eBay. We enjoy it even more when we hear that they’re doing something that they get pleasure from while earning a good living. One of the […]

Part V (eBay)

In this part Tot everyone is a shooting star at eBay.co.uk, but it’s a # W good goal to reach for. For your inspiration, I’ve included profiles on some interesting people – from all walks of life – who’ve turned their sales through eBay.co.uk inot a profitable enterprise, some working only part-time. These are not […]

Building an eBay Back Office

In This Chapter Organising your stock Keeping inventory Exploring shipping materials Becoming your own post office The more items you sell, the more confusing things can get. As you build your eBay.co.uk business, the little side table you use for storing eBay merchandise isn’t going to work. You must think industrial. Even part-time sellers can […]

Practising Safe and Smart Record-Keeping On Ebay

In This Chapter Understanding first things first: Bookkeeping basics Saving your records to save your bacon Finding bookkeeping software Using QuickBooks for your bookkeeping needs Bookkeeping can be the most boring and time-consuming part of your job. You may feel that you just need to add your product costs, add your gross sales, and hey […]

Going Legit on Ebay

In This Chapter Deciding your business format Covering the legalities Business format? ‘What’s a business format?’ you may ask. We hate to be the ones to tell you, but you can’t just say, ‘I’m in business,’ and be in business. When you started selling on eBay.co.uk, maybe you were happy just adding a few pounds […]

Part IV (eBay)

In this part Setting up your eBay.co.uk business as a real business entity involves some unpleasant paperwork, applying for licenses, organising, and record keeping. Even though you should discuss you issues with a professional, we fill in the blanks and get you started on the right track. We also provide a handy checklist of the […]

Delivering on Time On Ebay

In This Chapter Examining shipping options and costs Choosing Royal Mail as your carrier Shipping with Parcel2go Transporting with e-parcels We think the best part of eBay.co.uk is making the sale and receiving payment. After that part of the transaction comes the depressing and tedious process of fulfilling your orders. Don’t feel bad if this […]