Dinosaur research: observation and deduction Part 1

In this topic, a variety of lines of investigation are explored to reinforce the message that a multiplicity of approaches must be used if we are to comprehend the lives of fossil animals. Dinosaur ichnology Some aspects of dinosaur research have an almost sleuth-like quality to them, perhaps none more so than ichnology – the […]

Dinosaur research: observation and deduction Part 2

Dinosaur research: the scanning revolution The steady improvement in technological resources, as well as their potential to be used to answer palaeobiological questions, has manifested in a number of distinct areas in recent years. A few of these will be examined in the following section; they are not without their limitations and pitfalls, but in […]

The future of research on the past (Dinosaurs)

K-T extinctions: the end of dinosaurs? Since the early decades of the 19th century, it had been known that different groups of organisms dominate different periods of Earth history. One of the more notable groups was the dinosaurs, and there was a steady reinforcement from palaeontological surveys of the idea that none were to be […]