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Effects, Transitions, and Titles (Digital Home Movies) Part 3

Creating Title Slides with PowerPoint 1 Open the PowerPoint application, and then click the arrow next to Getting Started on the Task Pane. 2 Choose Slide Layout from the drop-down menu. 3 Select a Slide Layout from the available options. In this case, we are choosing Title and Content over Text. 4 Click the area […]

Adding Audio to Your Video (Digital Home Movies) Part 1

The audio associated with a movie is just as important as the video. In some cases audio is even more important. Audio can consist of the actual sounds or dialog occurring when the video was created. Soundtrack music can be used to enhance the emotions associated with your video. If a description of events transpiring […]

Adding Audio to Your Video (Digital Home Movies) Part 2

Adding Music to the Timeline 1 Click the collection where your audio clips are stored in the Collections pane. 2 Drag the clip from the middle Collections pane and drop the track on the Audio/Music section of the Timeline. INTRODUCTION To create a soundtrack, music tracks are added to the Timeline. The audio tracks are […]

Adding Audio to Your Video (Digital Home Movies) Part 3

Normalizing Audio with Roxio Easy Media Creator 1 Open Roxio Sound Editor by clicking Start, AU Programs, Roxio, Sound Editor. 2 Open the audio file we created in Movie Maker by clicking FUe, Open in the Sound Editor menu. 3 Select the file and click Open. INTRODUCTION Easy Media Creator includes a sound editor with […]

Still Photos and Video (Digital Home Movies)

Still photos serve a variety of purposes in movie creation. Photos make good backgrounds for title slides. Series of images make great digital slideshows. Pan and zoom effects added to stills create simulated movement. Windows Movie Maker supports the use of stills in all of these ways. Movie Maker supports most of the common image […]

Making DVDs with Sonic MyDVD (Digital Home Movies) Part 1

So far, the focus has been on creating a movie from video clips and still images. At some point, you will want to share your video with others. Other parts of the topic provide steps to share movies electronically. In this part of the topic, you learn how to create and burn a DVD. When […]

Making DVDs with Sonic MyDVD (Digital Home Movies) Part 2

Adding Submenus 1 Click the Add Sub-menu button. 2 Click the text under your new button and type a descriptive name for the menu. INTRODUCTION DVD menus frequently contain submenus where extras such as picture slideshows, deleted scenes, and chapter selections are stored. Adding additional menu layers organizes your DVD menu system even further. Adding […]

Sharing Movies with Streaming Video (Digital Home Movies) Part 1

Streaming video is available on many sites across the Internet. If you’ve ever watched a news clip on or watched sports highlights at, you’ve seen streaming video in action. If you have Web space provided by your ISP, or if you have a Web site, sharing home movies on the Web makes sense. […]

Sharing Movies with Streaming Video (Digital Home Movies) Part 2

Saving Movies for Pocket PC Playback 1 Click T asks on the toolbar. 2 Expand the Finish Movie section by clicking the down arrow. 3 Click Save to my computer. 4 Type a name for your movie and click Next. INTRODUCTION Many people now own Pocket PC devices, which support video playback. Windows Movie Maker […]

Glossary (Digital Home Movies)

Audio Level An alternative term for audio volume. AVI Abbreviation for Audio Video Interleaved, this is the standard Windows format for delivering uncompressed video. Bit Short for binary digit, this is the smallest unit of data recognized by a PC. Bit Rate The number of bits transferred per second. Capture Recording audio, video, or still […]