AAIB abbreviation Air Accident Investigation Branch AARA abbreviation air to air refuelling area Abbreviateverb to shorten a word or a text o Air Traffic Control is usually abbreviated to ATC. □ abbreviated weather report a shortened weather report Abbreviationnoun the short form of a word or text o Aeronautical charts use abbreviations and symbols. o […]

Acquisition To Aerial (Aviation)

Acquisitionnoun the act of buying or otherwise obtaining o Each computer checks data acquisition. The image of the airline improved after the acquisition of the new aircraft. acronymnoun a word which is made up of the initial letters of a name, and is pronounced as a word o NASA is the acronym for National Aeronautics […]

Aerial display To Air-cooled (Aviation)

Aerial displaynoun a display of flying skills and aircraft performance aerial photography noun photography done from an aircraft in the air aero-prefix 1. referring to the air aerodynamic 2. referring to aircraft o aero-engine o aero-tow aerobaticadjective referring to aerobatics o Loops and rolls are aerobatic manoeuvres. aerobatic aircraftnoun an aircraft which is designed to […]

Aircraft classification number To Alight (Aviation)

Aircraft classification number noun a number expressing the relative effect of an aircraft on a pavement for a specified sub-grade strength. Abbreviation CAN aircraft condition monitoring system noun full form of AC MS aircraft configuration noun a particular combination of moveable parts such as flaps and landing gear that affects the aerodynamics of the aircraft […]

Align To Angular (Aviation)

Alignverb 1. to position along an axis or line o The nose wheel must be aligned in a fore and aft direction during retraction. 2. to set in a correct position in relation to something else o Aligned white marks on the wheel and tyre indicate that there is no creep. alignmennoun 1. position in […]

Anneal To Arrester (Aviation)

Annealverb to heat and allow to cool slowly in order to strengthen o Sheet and plate magnesium are annealed at the rolling mill. annotateverb to add notes to an existing document, book, chart, etc. o He annotated his report after he was asked to give the exact time of the incident. Variation is annotated east […]

Arrivals To Authorize (Aviation)

Arrivalsnoun the part of  an airport that deals with passengers who are arriving arriveverb to reach some where □ the flight from Tokyo arrived at 8.30 the flight from Tokyo landed at 8.30 arrownoun a painted or printed sign which points to something o Non-return valves are marked with an arrow which shows the direction […]

Authorised To Basic (Aviation)

Authorisedauthorized adjective officially allowed, permitted o Aircraft with a maximum authorised weight of 12,500 lb or less. □ an authorized person a person who has been given power to act and perform particular tasks or duties authoritativeadjective in the manner of somebody with authority, in a commanding way □ crew must act in an authoritative […]

Bat To Brief (Aviation)

Batnoun an object shaped like a table-tennis bat used by a person on the ground to guide an aircraft when it is taxiing or parking batsmannoun some body who uses a pair of bats to guide an aircraft when it is taxiing or parking batterynoun a chemical device that produces electrical current o This piece […]

Briefing To Capacity (Aviation)

Briefingnoun a short meeting to enable instructions and basic information to be given British Islesplural noun the islands which make up Great Britain and Ireland o The climate of the British Isles is affected by the Atlantic Ocean. British thermal unit noun the amount of heat needed to raise the temperature of one pound of […]