AutoCAD 2011

Draw tools, Object Snap and Dynamic Input Part 4 (AutoCAD 2011)

Why use Dynamic input? Some operators may prefer constructing drawings without having to make entries at the command line in response to tool prompts. By using DYN drawings, whether in 2D or in 3D format, can be constructed purely from operating and moving the mouse, entering coordinates at the command line and pressing the down […]

Zoom, Pan and templates Part 1 (AutoCAD 2011)

The aims of this topic are: 1. To demonstrate the value of the Zoom tools. 2. To introduce the Pan tool. 3. To describe the value of using the Aerial View window in conjunction with the Zoom and Pan tools. 4. To update the acadiso.dwt template. 5. To describe the construction and saving of drawing […]

Zoom, Pan and templates Part 2 (AutoCAD 2011)

Drawing templates In topics 1-3, drawings were constructed in the template acadiso.dwt which loaded when AutoCAD 2011 was opened. The default acadiso template has been amended to Limits set to 420,297 (coordinates within which a drawing can be constructed), Grid Display set to 10, Snap Mode set to 5 and the drawing area Zoomed to […]

Zoom, Pan and templates Part 3 (AutoCAD 2011)

Setting the shortcut menu variable Call the line tool, draw a few lines and then right-click. The right-click menu shown in Fig. 4.15 may well appear. A similar menu will also appear when any tool is called. Some operators prefer using this menu when constructing drawings. To stop this menu appearing: And the menu will […]

The Modify tools Part 1 (AutoCAD 2011)

The aim of this topic is to describe the uses of tools for modifying parts of drawings. Introduction The Modify tools are among those most frequently used. The tools are found in the Home/Modify panel. A click on the arrow at the bottom of the Home/Modify panel brings down a further set of tool icons […]

The Modify tools Part 2 (AutoCAD 2011)

The Offset tool Examples – Offset (Fig. 5.14) 1. Construct the four outlines shown in Fig. 5.13. 2. Call the Offset tool – left-click on its tool icon in the Home/Modify panel (Fig. 5.12), pick the tool name in the Modify drop-down menu or enter o or offset at the command line. The command line […]

The Modify tools Part 3 (AutoCAD 2011)

The Move tool Example – Move (Fig. 5.25) 1. Construct the drawing Fig. 5.23. Fig. 5.23 Example – Move – drawing 2. Call Move – click the Move tool icon in the Home/Modify panel (Fig. 5.24), pick Move from the Modify drop-down menu or enter m or move at the command line, which shows: Fig. […]

The Modify tools Part 4 (AutoCAD 2011)

The Stretch tool Examples – Stretch (Fig. 5.34) As its name implies the Stretch tool is for stretching drawings or parts of drawings. The action of the tool prevents it from altering the shape of circles in any way. Only crossing or polygonal windows can be used to determine the part of a drawing which […]

The Modify tools Part 5 (AutoCAD 2011)

The Extend tool Examples – Extend (Fig. 5.40) 1. Construct plines and a circle as shown in the left-hand drawings of Fig. 5.40. 2. Call Extend – either click the Extend tool icon in the Home/Modify panel (Fig. 5.39), pick Extend from the Modify drop-down menu or enter ex or extend at the command line […]

Dimensions and Text Part 1 (AutoCAD 2011)

The aims of this topic are: 1. To describe a variety of methods of dimensioning drawings. 2. To describe methods of adding text to drawings. Introduction The dimension style (My_style) has already been set in the acadiso.dwt template, which means that dimensions can be added to drawings using this dimension style. The Dimension tools There […]