Auto Repair

For many people, getting a driver’s license is an event that runs second only to getting a diploma or a marriage license. We study, practice, and take the test in a state of high anticipation that’s marred only by the fear of failing and being “grounded” forever. Yet most of us succeed in passing and […]

Getting Started (Auto Repair)

The 5th Wave By Rich Tennant *lt looks to me like your engine is equipped with Av Clapper’ starter motor. Now stand back and let me just try something.” In this part. Ever seen someone try to figure out how to open a can of sardines? They have the key in one hand, the can […]

What Makes It Go? (Auto Repair)

Part II: This part begins with a simple overview of how a standard internal combustion engine works and how various systems work together to get a vehicle started, keep it running, and bring it to a stop. Subsequent chapters provide a closer look at each system — electrical, fuel, cooling, transmission, and so on — […]

Keeping Your Car in Good Condition, System by System (Auto Repair)

In this part… Every vehicle needs regular maintenance to keep it running smoothly. And at some point, your vehicle will need to be repaired. After all, cars and trucks are machines, and machines don’t last forever. This part helps you fix the minor (and most common) stuff and helps you recognize the problems you need […]

Dealing With On-the-Road Emergencies (Auto Repair)

Part IV: This part helps you deal with problems that may occur while you’re away from home. It shows you how to decipher such symptoms as weird noises, smoke, smells, and leaks to determine what’s wrong (we call this troubleshooting in Carspeak) and what to do if your car drops dead on the road. If […]

Helping Your Vehicle Look Its Best (Auto Repair)

Part V: Because keeping a vehicle clean — inside and out — can extend its life and value, in this part I cover washing, waxing, and removing stains from the body and all the interior surfaces, plus how to repair the small dings, dents, and rust spots that cost big bucks at body shops.

Icons Used in This topic (Auto Repair)

This icon points to suggestions or hints that can make a task easier, save you money, help you avoid hassles, or otherwise make your life easier. This icon indicates information that you may have encountered elsewhere in the topic and need to take into consideration. This icon appears beside technical information that, although interesting (at […]

Getting Started (Auto Repair)

Part I: If you want the basics, this is the part for you. I cover things that everyone who drives should know, like how decide whether you want to do a job yourself, how to get the hood open, how to use a jack and change a tire, and how to take anything apart and […]

Things Every Driver Should Know (Auto Repair)

In This Chapter ► Knowing when to do it yourself ► Paying attention to safety ► Filling ‘er up yourself ► Getting under the hood ► Jacking up the car p- Changing a tire ► Getting into your car when you lock yourself out ► Taking things apart (and putting them back together again) If […]

Before You Tackle Any Job (Auto Repair)

It’s wonderful to do things yourself. It costs you less, it gives you a sense of power to know that you did it on your own, and you know that the job’s been done right. Nevertheless, to avoid getting in over my head, I always ask myself the following questions before undertaking any job: Do […]