JavaScript and AJAX are phenomenal tools, but one of the most interesting f – (and frustrating) aspects of Web development is how fast it’s changing — and how much there is to learn. Here’s a list of ten interesting resources for further exploration. Some are reference sites; some are other libraries and frameworks you may […]

Ten Amazing jQuery Plugins (Javascript And Ajax)

The jQuery library is amazing enough on its own, but it has yet another wonderful surprise up its sleeve: a marvelous plugin interface that makes new plugins or extensions to the library easy to add. The plugins do many things, from changing the way your page looks to including audio and simplifying certain AJAX calls. […]

Working with AJAX Data

In This Chapter Understanding the advantages of server-side programming Getting to know PHP Writing a form for standard PHP processing Building virtual forms with AJAX Submitting interactive AJAX requests Working with XML data Responding to JSON data JAX and jQuery are incredibly useful, but perhaps the most important use of AJAX is to serve as […]

The Part of Tens (Javascript And Ajax)

In this part The Part of Tens feature is a staple of For topic topics, but I’ve saved some of the best treats for the end. Chapter 15 highlights a number of jQuery plugins. These tools add incredible features to JavaScript, like the ability to automatically translate your page to a foreign language, image galleries, […]

Improving Usability with jQuery (Javascript And Ajax)

In This Chapter Creating an accordion page Building a tab-based interface Working with scrollbars Managing selectable items Building a sorting mechanism Using the dialog box tool The jQuery UI adds some outstanding capabilities to your Web pages. Some of the most interesting tools are widgets, which are user interface elements not supplied in standard HTML. […]

Using the jQuery User Interface Toolkit (Javascript And Ajax)

In This Chapter Exploring the jQuery user interface • Installing the UI and templates • Adding date pickers, dialog boxes, and icons Dragging and dropping Working with scrollbars Building a sorting mechanism Creating an accordion page Building a tab-based interface The jQuery library is an incredible tool for simplifying JavaScript programming. The library is so […]

Animating jQuery (Javascript And Ajax)

In This Chapter Setting up for animation Hiding and showing elements with jQuery Fading elements in and out Adding a callback function to a transition Understanding object chaining Modifying elements Using selection filters The jQuery library simplifies a lot of JavaScript coding. One of its biggest advantages is how it allows you to add features […]

Improving JavaScript and AJAX with jQuery

In This Chapter Downloading and including the jQuery library Making an AJAX request with jQuery Using component selectors Adding events to components Creating a simple content management system with jQuery JavaScript has amazing capabilities. It’s useful on its own and when you add J” AJAX, it becomes incredibly powerful. However, JavaScript can be tedious. There’s […]

AJAX Essentials

In This Chapter Understanding AJAX Using JavaScript to manage HTTP requests Creating an XMLHttpRequest object Building a synchronous AJAX request Retrieving data from an AJAX request Managing asynchronous AJAX requests If you’ve been following the Web trends, you’ve no doubt heard of AJAX. This technology has generated a lot of interest. Depending on who you […]

Moving Up to AJAX

In this part very once in a while, a technology comes along that threatens to change everything. AJAX is one such technology. In this part, you learn what all the fuss is about and why AJAX is such a big deal. You learn how to make your own AJAX requests by hand, and then you […]