Price   :$1985


Color                     :Dark green

Seating Capacity   :Seven

Position of Driver :Left side

Wheelbase            :126 inches

Gauge                    :56 inches

Wheels                  :Wood

Front Tires           :33 x 4X inches

Rear Tires             :33 x 4 ‘A inches,anti-skid

Service Brake        :Contracting on rear wheels

Emergency Brake   :Expanding on rear wheels

Cylinders                :Six

How Arranged        : Vertically

Cast                        :En bloc

Horsepower           :36.04 (N.A.C.C. Haling)

Bore and Stroke     : 3H x 5 inches

Lubrication            : Splash with circulating pump

Radiator                 :Tubular

Cooling                   :Water pump

Ignition                   :Storage battery

Starting System      :Two unit

Starter Operated    :Chain to crank shaft

Lighting System      :Electric

Voltages                  :Six

Wiring System         : Single

Gasoline System     :Vacuum

Clutch                    :Cone

Transmission          :Selective sliding

Gear Changes         :Three forward,one reverse

Drive                      :Spiral bevel

Rear Axle               :Semi-floating

Steering Gear        :Worm and sector

In addition to above specifications, price includes top, top hood. wine.,shield, speedometer, ammeter, clock, electric horn, switch lock glove, box, lighton rear seat with extension cord for emergencies, tire-carriers and extra rim.

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