Price                                                                          :$6500

Two and Three-Passenger Runabouts                      :6400

Four-Passenger Touring                                           :6400

Four-Passenger Roadster                                         :6400

Five-Passenger Touring                                            :6400

Seven-Passenger Touring                                         :6500

Two and Three-Passenger Coupe                            :7500

Two and Three-Passenger Convertible Roadster   :7500

Brougham, dome or flat                                          :7800

Brougham Landaulet                                                :7800

French Brougham                                                     :7800

French Brougham Landaulet                                    :7800

Suburban dome or flat                                             :7800

Landau, dome                                                           :7800

Vestibule Brougham, dome or Hat                           :8000

Vestibule Brougham Landau, flat                             :8000

Vestibule Suburban.dome or flat                             :8200

Vestibule Landau, dome roof                                   :8200



Color                                              :Optional

Carrying Capacity                           :Seven

Position of Driver                           :Right side

Wheelbase                                      :142 inches

Gauge                                              :56 inches

Wheels                                            :Wood

Front Tires                                     :35 x 5 inches

Rear Tires                                      :35 x 5 inches

Service Brake                                 :Expanding on rear wheels

Emergency Brake                           :Contracting on rear wheels

Cylinders                                        :Six

How Arranged                                :Vertically

Cast                                                :In pairs

Horsepower                                   :48.6 (N.A.C.C. Rating)

Bore and Stroke                            :4.5 x 5.5 inches

Lubrication                                   :Force feed

Radiator                                        :Cellular

Cooling                                          :Water pump

Ignition                                          :High tension magneto and storage battery

Starting System                             :Two unit

Starter Operated                           :Gear to fly wheel

Lighting System                             :Electric

Voltages                                         :Six

Wiring System                                :Single

Gasoline System                             :Pressure

Clutch                                             :Cone

Transmission                                  :Selective sliding

Gear Changes                                 :Four forward, one reverse

Drive                                               :Spiral bevel

Rear Axle                                        :Semi-floating

Steering Gear                                  :Screw and nut

In addition to above specifications, price includes windshield, speedometer, autometer. and demountable rims.

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