Conic To Contribute (Aviation)

Conictmp1E9712_thumbadjective based on the shape of a cone □ conic projection the standard two-dimensional representation of the earth

conicaltmp1E9713_thumbadjective shaped like a cone The nose of Concorde has a conical shape.

conjunctiontmp1E9714_thumb‘ noun in conjunction with working or operating together with o Built-up areas, used in conjunction with other features such as rivers, railways and coastlines which are near them, are more easily identified.

connecttmp1E9715_thumbverb to join  Batteries are sometimes connected in series. o A cockpit lever is connected to a needle valve in the float chamber.

connecting flighttmp1E9716_thumbnoun a second aircraft which a passenger should arrive on time to catch, and which will take him or her to the final destination o Instead of flying direct to London, take the flight to Amsterdam and then take a connecting flight to London Heathrow.

connecting rodtmp1E9717_thumbnoun an engine part that connects the piston to the crankshaft connectiontmp1E9718_thumbnoun 1. the point at which things are joined o There is an electrical connection to the battery. 2. a link or feature that makes things interdependent o There is a connection between temperature change and altitude. 3. the process of catching a second aircraft to arrive at a final destination o Follow the ‘Flight Connection’ signs.

connectortmp1EAA1_thumbnoun a device which connects two or more things o A connector is used to connect two lengths of wire together. o Standard connectors consist of a metal coupling with a rubber sandwich joint.

consecutivetmp1EAA2_thumbadjective following one another without a break o 4, 5 and 6 are three consecutive numbers. □ a period of 28 consecutive days 28 days following immediately one after the other

consequencetmp1EAA3_thumbnoun the result of an action o The accident was a consequence of the pilot’s actions. □ as a consequence as a result consequenttmp1EAA4_thumbadjective resulting o As temperature rises, there will be a consequent increase in the volume of the gas.

consequentlytmp1EAA5_thumbadverb therefore, as a result o She was late, consequently she missed the start of the examination.

conservetmp1EAA6_thumbverb to avoid using unnecessarily o Release the brakes when necessary and conserve main system pressure. □ to conserve energy to use only as much energy as you really need □ to conserve fuel to use as little fuel as possible considertmp1EAA7_thumbverb to think carefully about something o If the aircraft is low on fuel, the commander should consider diverting to the nearest suitable airport. ‘…many purchasers of flight simulators would argue that, when considering the major manufacturers, there is little to choose between them’ [Civil Aviation Training]

considerabletmp1EAA8_thumbadjective a lot of, quite large o The required range of trim change is considerable. (note: Considerable does not mean that something should be thought about, as the meaning for the verb consider might suggest.) □ a considerable amount of fuel a lot of fuel, a large amount of fuel □ a considerable

distance a long distance □ considerable force a lot of force considerationtmp1EAA9_thumb

noun 1. something important to remember and to think carefully about □ to take into consideration to remember to include when thinking about something, solving a problem or making a calculation 2. thoughtfulness, respect □ to show consideration for other people and property to show respect for what belongs to other people

consisttmp1EAA10_thumbverb □ to consist of to be made up of o Layer cloud names consist of a prefix, according to height of base, and a suffix according to shape. □ to consist in to mean, to be consistenttmp1EAA11_thumbadjective always reacting or behaving in the same way o Human hair responds in a consistent manner to changes in the relative humidity. □ consistent performance performance which maintains a particular standard

consolidatetmp1EAA12_thumbverb to make more solid or strong □ revision of the subject helps to consolidate it

revision of the subject helps to set it more firmly in the memory consolidationtmp1EAA13_thumbnoun 1. a process by which something is made more solid or strong 2. the grouping of goods together for shipment

constanttmp1EAA14_thumbadjective unchanging □ the temperature of the gas remains constant the temperature of the gas stays the same □ constant pressure pressure which stays the same constant speed drive unit

tmp1EAA15_thumbnoun a device fitted to aircraft with constant speed propellers. Abbreviation CSDU constant speed propeller

tmp1EAA16_thumbnoun a propeller with a control system which automatically adjusts pitch to maintain selected rpm

constant speed unittmp1EAA17_thumbtmp1EAA18_thumb/ noun a device that automatically keeps a propeller at a speed set by the pilot.

Abbreviation CSU

constituenttmp1EBD1_thumbnoun any one of the various parts that make up a whole o Water, whether in the form of vapour, liquid or ice, is a very important constituent of the atmosphere.

constitutetmp1EBD2_thumbverb to make up, to form o Oxygen and nitrogen together constitute most of the atmosphere.

constraintmp1EBD3_thumb‘ verb 1. to prevent somebody from being completely free or from doing something they want to do o The airline was constrained in its purchase of new aircraft by lack of financial resources. 2. to force somebody to do something o Lack of financial resources constrained the airline to cancel the purchase of new aircraft.

constrainttmp1EBD4_thumbnoun something that reduces freedom of action o The number of landings per 24-hour period is subject to constraint.

constricttmp1EBD5_thumbverb to make something narrower, especially to make the flow of gas or liquid more difficult by narrowing the passage through which it flows o In the carburettor venturi, the flow of air is constricted.

constrictiontmp1EBD6_thumbnoun the act of constricting, or a place where something is particularly narrow o A thermometer has a constriction in the base of the tube between the bulb and the beginning of the scale.

constructtmp1EBD7_thumb‘ verb 1. to put together o The table on page 4 can be used to construct the low level forecast for the route. 2. to build □ to construct an aircraft to manufacture or build an aircraft o Wings are constructed of light alloy pressed ribs and an outer skin.

constructiontmp1EBD8_thumbnoun 1. the act of putting things together, or the way in which something is put together o The basic construction of the lead-acid cell consists of a positive electrode and negative electrode. 2. a building o The construction of the home-built aircraft took two years.

consumetmp1EBD9_thumb‘ verb 1. to use up in a given time o Drag must be overcome with thrust, which requires engines, which in turn consume fuel. 2. to eat

consumptiontmp1EBD10_thumbnoun 1. the amount used up in a given time o Fuel consumption is higher in bigger, more powerful engines. 2. the process of using up fuel or other resources 3. the amount eaten 4. the act of eating

contacttmp1EBD11_thumbnoun 1. touch □ in contact with touching o The air in contact with the Earth’s surface cools. 2. □ to be in contact with to communicate with e.g. by telephone or radio □ to be in visual contact to see □ to make contact to communicate □ to lose contact to stop communicating o ATC lost contact with the aircraft. 3. a person who can be contacted in order to get something done □ I have a contact in Madrid who can help I know somebody in Madrid who can help 4. an electrical connection o Dirty contacts were the cause of the problem. ■ verb to get in touch with somebody e.g. by radio or telephone o The captain couldn’t contact ATC.

contact breakertmp1EBD12_thumbtmp1EBD13_thumbnoun a mechanically operated switch which is timed to break the primary circuit when maximum current is flowing

contact flighttmp1EBD14_thumbnoun a method of navigation for aircraft in which the pilot or crew use no navigational aids, but find their way by observing visible features of the ground

contact numbertmp1EBD15_thumbtmp1EBD16_thumbnoun a telephone number where information can be obtained containtmp1EBD17_thumbverb to hold, to have inside o Most clouds contain some super-cooled water droplets. o The booklet contains details of the airline’s flight schedule.

containertmp1EBD18_thumbnoun a box,bottle, etc., which holds something else A smouldering fire in a waste container could become very active due to pressure changes during ascent.

contaminatetmp1EBD19_thumbverb to make something impure, harmful or dangerous o If contaminated air enters the cabin, the dump valve can be opened.

contaminated fueltmp1ED11_thumbtmp1ED12_thumbnoun fuel which contains an unwanted substance, such as water, and is therefore dangerous to use

contaminationtmp1ED13_thumbtmp1ED14_thumbnoun a process by which a liquid, gas or object is made unusable because impurities or foreign matter are allowed into or onto it □ contamination of air air pollution □ fuel contamination a situation in which fuel becomes unusable because an unwanted substance such as water gets into it □ nuclear contamination damage done to an object, person or substance because of contact with nuclear radiation

contenttmp1ED15_thumbnoun the amount of a substance that is contained within something, often expressed as a percentage o The stratosphere is a layer in which the water vapour content is low. □ the moisture content of the atmosphere the amount of water vapour in the air

continenttmp1ED16_thumbnoun one of the seven great land masses of the Earth o the continent of Europe

Comment: The seven continents are: Asia, Africa, North America, South America, Australia, Europe and Antarctica.

continentaltmp1ED17_thumbadjective referring to a continent continental climatetmp1ED18_thumbnoun the type of climate found in areas where there is no effect from the sea contingencytmp1ED19_thumb_ noun something which might happen in the future and therefore must be planned for

contingency reserve fueltmp1ED110_thumbtmp1ED111_thumbnoun fuel which would only be used in an unusual situation such as a diversion continuitytmp1ED112_thumbnoun continuing □ continuity of precipitation

continuing rain, snow or hail contourtmp1ED113_thumbnoun the shape of something

contour charttmp1ED114_thumbnoun chart which shows areas of high and low ground

contour gradienttmp1ED115_thumbtmp1ED116_thumbnoun steepness of change in elevation

contour linetmp1ED117_thumbnoun a line on a map or chart joining points of equal elevation

contracttmp1ED118_thumbverb to become smaller in volume o Liquids will expand or contract as a result of temperature changes. Opposite expand contractiontmp1ED119_thumbnoun the decrease in volume of a substance brought about by cooling o Due to contraction, the length of a mercury column shortens. Opposite expansion contrailtmp1ED120_thumbnoun same as vapour trail

contrasttmp1ED121_thumbnoun 1. the amount of light and dark in something seen o Contrast and colour enable a pilot to identify ground features. 2. the difference between two things o There is an enormous contrast between the performance of the two aircraft. □ in contrast to when compared with o Air at altitude is cold in contrast to air at the surface.

Contributetmp1ED122_thumbverb to give or provide as part of the whole o Exhaust gases contribute to engine power. □ although the weather was bad, pilot error contributed to the accident pilot error was partly responsible for the accident contributiontmp1ED123_thumbnoun 1. the part that something plays in making or causing something o The differences in the effect of solar radiation on land and sea make the biggest contribution to weather and climate. 2. the act of contributing or something, especially money, that is given or provided contributortmp1ED124_thumbnoun a person or thing that contributes to something o There are other factors which cause the division of the lower atmosphere into two layers but the ozone effect is a major contributor.

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