Arrivals To Authorize (Aviation)

Arrivalstmp1C41-3_thumbnoun the part of  an airport that deals with passengers who are arriving

arrivetmp1C41-4_thumbverb to reach some where □ the flight from Tokyo arrived at 8.30 the flight from Tokyo landed at 8.30

arrowtmp1C41-5_thumbnoun a painted or printed sign which points to something o Non-return valves are marked with an arrow which shows the direction of flow.

arrow conventiontmp1C41-6_thumb tmp1C41-7_thumbnoun an agreed method of using arrows when drawing wind triangles

articletmp1C41-8_thumbnoun an object, an item □ loose articles things which may move during flight and cause problems artificialtmp1C41-9_thumbadjective not natural, made by humans o The small needle indicates cabin altitude or the artificial altitude created by the pres-surisation system.

artificial horizontmp1C41-10_thumb tmp1C41-11_thumb‘ noun an instrument that displays the degree of pitch or bank of an aircraft relative to the horizon ascendtmp1C41-12_thumbverb to rise, to go or move upwards o Hot air ascends. □ in ascending order in order of number or rank with the smallest or less important at the bottom and the largest or more important at the top. Opposite descend ascenttmp1C41-13_thumbnoun a rise, a slow

upward movement o the forced ascent of air over high ground o In a stable atmosphere where the ascent of air is forced, precipitation is mostly light and occasionally moderate. ascertaintmp1C41-14_thumbverb to find out, to make certain o During pre-flight checks, control surfaces should be moved by hand to ascertain that they have full andfree movement. ASDE abbreviation airport surface detection equipment ASI abbreviation airspeed indicator ASMI abbreviation aerodrome surface movement indicator aspecttmp1C41-15_thumbnoun 1. a part of a problem or subject o Vertical motion is an important aspect of meteorology. □ safety aspects matters related to safety 2. the view from a particular position o The aspect of the runway on final approach helps the pilot to judge height and progress.

aspect ratiotmp1C41-16_thumbnoun the ratio of the length of an aircraft’s wing to the average distance between the front and back edge of the wing (note: Aircraft that operate at low speeds, for example gliders, need a high aspect ratio and have long narrow wings. Supersonic aircraft need a low aspect ratio, which is created by swinging the wings back.)

asphyxiationtmp1C41-17_thumb noun unconsciousness or death caused by lack of oxygen o Fire may result in the cabin being filled by smoke causing asphyxiation.

ASRtmp1C41-18_thumbabbreviation 1. airport surveillance radar 2. altimeter setting region

assembletmp1C41-19_thumbverb 1. to put a number of parts together o The parts are made in different countries but the plane is assembled in France. 2. to gather together o Passengers should assemble in the departure lounge where an airline representative will meet them.

assemblytmp1C41-20_thumbnoun 1. some thing that is made up of smaller parts 2. the act of putting parts together to make a whole o Final assembly of the A320 takes place in France. assesstmp1C41-21_thumbverb to check, estimate or find out o Cabin crew must assess if their exits are usable. □ to assess a situation to consider all aspects of a situation

assessmenttmp1C57-1_thumbnoun a judgement on a situation based on careful thought o The captain’s assessment of factors such as aircraft damage, passenger-load, fire, etc., will affect the decision on whether to evacuate the aeroplane or not.

assigntmp1C57-2_thumbverb to set apart beforehand or allocate for a specific purpose □ assigned seats seats selected beforehand for particular people o Crew sit in their assigned seats. o Individual carriers assign codes to aircraft. assisttmp1C57-3_thumbverb to help  If you have any difficulty, cabin staff will assist you. o When evacuating the aircraft, hand signals by cabin staff assist in directing passengers to the exits. i> power

assistancetmp1C57-4_thumbnoun help □ to require assistance to need help o If a pilot requires assistance, they should contact ATC. □ to provide assistance to give help

associatetmp1C57-5_thumbverb to come with or be linked to something else o Turbulence is often associated with strong winds. o The airport authority has to overcome a lot of problems associated with its plans to build a new terminal.

associationtmp1C57-6_thumbnoun 1. a group of people who organise themselves into an official body with common objectives and a code of conduct o British Air Line Pilots Association. 2. □ in association with together with o Rain-ice occurs only rarely over the British Isles and is usually found in association with warm fronts. assumetmp1C57-7_thumbverb 1. to take as true before there is proof o I assume that she’s ill because she’s not at work today — but I may be wrong. 2. to suppose □ for our studies we will assume that the earth is a perfect sphere we know that the Earth is not a perfect sphere but it helps if we accept, for the time being, that it is □ assuming (that) accepting or supposing that o Assuming that the return flight from the point of no return to A is made on three engines, calculate the distance from D to the point of no return. 3. to take on, to undertake the duties of somebody o The copilot assumed control of the aircraft after the captain was taken ill during the flight. 4. to take a particular bodily position o The correct technique of using the escape slides is to assume a sitting position.

assumptiontmp1C57-8_thumbnoun an understanding or belief o The one-in-sixty rule is based on the assumption that one nautical mile subtends an angle of one (at a distance of 60 nautical miles).

asymmetrictmp1C57-9_thumbasymmetricaltmp1C57-10_thumbadjective not identical or equal on each side of an imaginary central dividing line. Opposite symmetric asymmetric flighttmp1C57-11_thumb

tmp1C57-12_thumbnoun a condition in which one engine, displaced from the aircraft’s centre-line is not working asymmetric powertmp1C57-13_thumb tmp1C57-14_thumbnoun power on one side of the aircraft’s centre line only asynchronoustmp1C57-15_thumb‘ adjective 1. not happening at the same time or rate o An asynchronous orbit is a 24hour orbit which enables a satellite to remain overhead one part of the Earth’s surface. 2. not in frequency or phase asynchronous computertmp1C57-16_thumb tmp1C57-17_thumbnoun a computer which does not process information according to the internal clock ATAtmp1C57-18_thumbabbreviation actual time of arrival

ATCtmp1C57-19_thumbabbreviation 1. air traffic control 2. air traffic controller ATCC abbreviation air traffic control centre

ATCRU abbreviation air traffic control radar unit

ATDtmp1C57-20_thumbabbreviation actual time of departure

ATFM abbreviation air traffic flow management

ATIS abbreviation Automatic Terminal Information Service ATMtmp1C6C-1_thumb1 abbreviation air traffic management

atmospheretmp1C6C-2_thumbnoun 1. a mixture of gases in a mass surrounding the earth o The surrounding atmosphere moves with the earth. 2. a unit of measurement of pressure

Comment: The main gases found in the atmosphere are nitrogen and oxygen. The atmosphere contains less than 1% carbon dioxide and argon, and also traces of hydrogen, helium, krypton, neon, ozone and xenon.

atmospherictmp1C6C-3_thumbadjective referring to the atmosphere o atmospheric density

atmospheric attenuation tmp1C6C-4_thumbnoun the weakening of a radio signal as it passes through the air

atmospheric pollution tmp1C6C-5_thumbnoun same as air pollution o Solid particles in the air include dust, sand, volcanic ash and atmospheric pollution.

atmospheric pressure tmp1C6C-6_thumbnoun normal air pressure on the surface of the earth atmospheric refraction

tmp1C6C-7_thumbnoun change in direction of waves due to variations in temperature, pressure and humidity, particularly at lower altitudes atomtmp1C6C-8_thumbnoun the smallest amount of a substance which can take part in a chemical reaction o An atom consists of a nucleus and electrons. atomictmp1C6C-9_thumbadjective referring to atoms □ atomic structure of matter the structure of materials and substances at their smallest level atomisationtmp1C6C-10_thumb noun the reduction of liquids to a fine spray o The fuel achieves fine atomisation under pressure.

atomisetmp1C6C-11_thumbatomize verb to reduce liquids to a fine spray o The fuel must be atomised or vaporised to combine with the air to permit combustion.

ATPL abbreviation Airline Transport Pilot’s Licence

ATS abbreviation air traffic services ATSU abbreviation air traffic service unit

attachtmp1C6C-12_thumbverb to join or fix something to something o The ice detector is attached to the fuselage. attachmenttmp1C6C-13_thumbnoun 1. the act of joining or fixing something to something o The attachment of winglets improved the handling characteristics of the aeroplane. 2. an accessory which can be attached o The video camera is sold with a number of attachments including a carrying strap and a battery pack.

attachment pointtmp1C6C-14_thumb tmp1C6C-15_thumbnoun a place on the airframe where something such as an engine is attached by means of bolts o Additional strength is required for the power plant attachment points.

attaintmp1C6C-16_thumbverb to reach, to achieve something, often with difficulty o In order to attain a fuller understanding of gas turbines, it is essential to know something about basic gas laws. attempttmp1C6C-17_thumb‘ noun a try o Any attempt to increase range by applying more power is of little or no benefit. ■ verb to try o He attempted to land despite the poor visibility but then decided to divert to another airfield where he landed safely.

attendanttmp1C6C-18_thumbadjective accompanying something else o Fuel spillage and attendant fire risk must be minimised. □ attendant problems associated problems ■ noun a person employed to help members of the public

attentiontmp1C6C-19_thumbnoun the ability or power to concentrate on something o The crew’s attention is alerted by an automatic display. □ attention please listen carefully to what will be said □ pay attention listen to the speaker and concentrate on what is being said attenuatetmp1C6C-20_thumbverb to lose power or strength o A wave becomes attenuated or loses strength as range increases.

attenuationtmp1C81-1_thumbnoun loss of strength o Atmospheric attenuation is negligible until the upper end of the UHF band when it increases rapidly to limit the highest usable frequency to about 10 GHz.

attenuativetmp1C81-2_thumbadjective becoming weaker o Rain has an attenuative effect.

attitudetmp1C81-3_thumbnoun 1. the position of the aircraft in the air in relation to the horizon o Angle of attack will vary with changes in engine speed and aircraft attitude. □ nose down attitude the attitude of the aircraft when the nose is at a lower level than the tail 2. a way of thinking and feeling about or of behaving towards something or somebody □ he has an excellent attitude towards his training programme he is positive and motivated in his training programme

attitude heading reference systemtmp1C81-4_thumb tmp1C81-5_thumbnoun full form of AHRS attitude indicatortmp1C81-6_thumb tmp1C81-7_thumbnoun a flight instrument that gives the pilot information about the position of the aircraft in the air in relation to the horizon o In light aircraft, the attitude indicator is situated on the instrument panel, directly in front of the pilot. i> pitch, bank

Comment: The attitude indicator is sometimes referred to as the ‘artificial horizon’. In instrument flight training, the attitude indicator is the primary reference instrument. It is positioned on the instrument panel directly in front of the pilot.

Attracttmp1C81-8_thumbverb 1. to cause to draw near o If two magnets, with unlike poles are brought together, they will attract each other. □ to attract attention to behave in such a way that people will notice you 2. to cause people to want to have or do something attractiontmp1C81-9_thumbnoun 1. a force that draws things towards something o The strength of the magnetic force will depend, amongst other things, on the magnitude of attraction at the magnetic source. 2. a quality that causes people to want to have or do something o The attraction of flying was the factor which made him decide to train as a pilot.

attractivetmp1C81-10_thumbadjective 1. referring to something you feel you would like to have o After long talks, the prospective buyer made a financially attractive offer for the aircraft. 2. nice to look at

ATZ abbreviation aerodrome traffic zone

audibletmp1C81-11_thumbadjective possible to hear o The fire detection system should contain an audible warning device.

audiotmp1C81-12_thumbnoun an audible sound or sound signal o The diagram shows an amplitude modulation case where the lower frequency of the audio is about 300 Hertz.

augmenttmp1C81-13_thumbverb to make larger by adding something o The sea breeze may augment the up-slope motion of an anabatic wind. auraltmp1C81-14_thumbadjective referring to hearing o The aural and visual alerts will continue until the crew take action to cancel them. (note: Aural is sometimes pronounced /’aural/ to show the difference with oral.)

Authorizetmp1C81-15_thumbauthorize verb to allow officially, to give permission o A signature is required to authorise the repair.

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