What Makes It Go? (Auto Repair)

Part II:

This part begins with a simple overview of how a standard internal combustion engine works and how various systems work together to get a vehicle started, keep it running, and bring it to a stop. Subsequent chapters provide a closer look at each system — electrical, fuel, cooling, transmission, and so on — on a part-by-part basis. You’ll be relieved to know that I explain everything in everyday terms, with no jargon, no unnecessary technical details, and lots of simple illustrations. If alternatively fueled vehicles strike your fancy, you’ll find information on how diesel, electric, fuel cell, hybrid, and other innovative engines work, and the advantages and disadvantages of each kind.
Because the key to doing any job is to understand what you’re working on and how it functions, I strongly recommend that you read the chapter in this part that deals with the system you want to work on before you head for the chapter that tells you how to do the specific job.

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