Getting Started (Auto Repair)

The 5th Wave By Rich Tennant
*lt looks to me like your engine is equipped with Av Clapper’ starter motor. Now stand back and let me just try something.”

In this part.

Ever seen someone try to figure out how to open a can of sardines? They have the key in one hand, the can in the other, and they poke, prod, and pry until they finally decide that saltines alone are fine. If you’ve ever tried to open the hood of your vehicle or jack it up without the benefit of prior experience (or paying attention when someone else did it), you may feel as confused as they seem. That’s why this part covers the things every driver should be able to do, safety tips that everyone who works on cars should know, and the tools you can use to get your vehicle running smoothly again. This part also shows you how to do a monthly under-the-hood check that can reduce the likelihood of major repairs being needed by 70 percent!

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