Dealing With On-the-Road Emergencies (Auto Repair)

Part IV:

This part helps you deal with problems that may occur while you’re away from home. It shows you how to decipher such symptoms as weird noises, smoke, smells, and leaks to determine what’s wrong (we call this troubleshooting in Carspeak) and what to do if your car drops dead on the road. If it’s safe and fun to do the work yourself, I tell you how to do it. If the job is just too hairy to deal with yourself, I tell what to look for so that, when you do talk to a mechanic, you can describe the problem in the terms the mechanic needs to hear and evaluate whether the service you’re getting is good, poor, or even necessary.
This part also tells you how to find a good mechanic, decipher a mechanic’s invoice, and get satisfaction on complaints if, despite your best efforts, you run into problems with anything you buy.

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