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Fig. 14 Error distribution before healing
Fig. 15 Error distribution after healing
The Rotterdam model 16-99-HOOGVLIET-ZUID consists of 10,828 buildings with
around 11,000 ground, 23,000 roof and 68,000 wall surfaces. After validation with all
geometry checks approximately 118,000 CS_OUTEREDGE, 33,000 CS_SELFINT and
2,000 CP_DUPPOINT errors have been found in 10,332 erroneous buildings (Fig. 14 ).
Only 496 buildings were found to have valid geometry. 82 % of the buildings (8,474)
were healed after 50 iterations. Buildings which could not be healed were not altered,
because it is unclear during the process whether errors were minimized (Fig. 15 ).
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