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A Generic Augmented Reality Telescope
for Heritage Valorization
Safwan Chendeb, Taha Ridene and Laure Leroy
Abstract Heritage valorisation is one of the greatest challenges that face countries
in preserving their own identity from the globalization process. One of those scien-
tific areas which allow this valorisation to be more attractive and at its bravest is the
augmented reality. In this chapter, we present an innovative augmented reality tel-
escope used by tourists to explore a panoramic view with optional zooming facility,
allowing thereby an accurate access to heritage information. The telescope we pro-
duced is generic, ergonomic, extensible, and modular by nature. It is designed to
be conveniently set up anywhere in the world. We improve the practical use of our
system by testing it right in the heart of Paris within a specific use case.
Keywords  Augmented reality • Virtual reality • Telescope • Heritage valorization
1 Introduction
The use of virtual reality and augmented reality is a matter of increasing interest.
Several areas are affected by and benefits from the improvements in these two sci-
entific domains. Through them the production of many applications became all of
a sudden possible and a lot of business models now integrate with success virtual
reality and augmented reality into building products. We can cite as applications:
parachuting simulation used in military context (Livingston et al. 2011 ); surgery
in health care (Mohne 1997 ; Shuhaiber 2004 ; Chendeb 2007 ); analysis of sports
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