Geoscience Reference
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Fig. 4 KML representation of vSensor as HTTP Response
currently contains. The SensorCount attribute holds the number of sensors that is
currently contained in that specific Space. The geometric representation of Space
is a 3D Cell with Box representation. The corresponding Oracle Spatial represen-
tation is simple solid—defined by minimum and maximum coordinates. Similar
to the vSensor, the methods in the ISpaceREST interface is implemented in Space
concrete class. Once implemented in the concrete class, GetSSpacesFromXML()
method invoked through HTTP GET request interprets the information acquired
from the SpacesXML file, generate a number of Space objects, and stores these
objects in the Oracle Spatial database. AddSpacesToDB() method contains
the main application logic to store the Space objects in the database. The popu-
lation of the <List> vSensor is achieved in a later stage with the invocation
of GetSensorsFromXML () method of the ISensorREST interface. Similarly
the SensorCount attribute is updated through the GetSensorFromXML () and
UpdateSensor () method calls in ISensorREST interface.
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