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Figure 11.4 Letter and sketch map showing Averkoff's coral mining site at Alexandra Reef,
1929. Source: In-letter Ref. 47990, G. Averkoff, Port Douglas to Harbour Master, Port
Douglas, 27 September 1929, PRV8340/1 Item 1, Queensland State Archives, Brisbane
used annually by sugar mills, refiners, farmers and builder s. 26 The syndicate
estimated the demand for agricultural lime to be 8,000 tons per year in Mackay,
8,000 tons per year in Cairns, 10,000 tons per year in Innisfail and 10,000 tons
per year for burnt lime; they claimed that, at around £3 per ton, other sources
of lime were too expensive for farmers. The syndicate proposed a company to
work lime deposits in the Great Barrier Reef 'to supply the cane farmers with a
cheap high-grade agricultural lime'; the Queensland Government Agricultural
Chemist, J. C. Brunich, supported their proposal, as did Sir Matthew Nathan
and the Cane Growers' Associations and Executives of Cairns, Innisfail and
Mackay . 27
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