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Fringing reef
Lime kiln
Coral mounds
Rail tracks
Fringing reef
Figure 11.3 The location of the coral mining operation at Snapper Island. Source: Author,
compiled from information in OHC 17, 2 September 2003; QEPA (2003c)
fringing reef, parallel to the high-water mark, and across the island to the lime
kiln. A turntable was installed to transfer the wagons from one rail line to the
other. The coral pieces were stored in piles beside the rail track before being burnt
in the kiln and crushed; two heaps of coral and the remains of the lime kiln still
survive on the island (Figure 11.3) . The details of the coral mining operation at
Snapper Island were described by that informant in the following terms:
On the south-western face [of Snapper Island…] they had their lime kiln,
burning the lime [...]. There was a bloke who used to live over there - this
was First World War, somewhere around there, turn of the century […] - and
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