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Moreton Bay
Tin Can Bay
Wide Bay
Hervey Bay
Rodds Bay
Repulse Bay
Palm Island
Cape Bedford
Torres Strait
(various islands)
1847: Commercial
dugong fishing
recorded at Amity
Point, in Moreton
1852: Dr William
Hobbs promotes
the medicinal use
of dugong oil
1870: Exports of
dugong oil from
1890: Two-year
closure of fishery
imposed due to
scarcity of
1892: Open
seasons (July to
August) for
dugong fishing
1930s: Increase
in dugong fishing
due to economic
depression and
Wynnum market
1969: Prohibition
of dugong fishing
by Order in
Council of 1
September 1969
Continuous dugong fishing
Intermittent dugong fishing
Recorded fishing operations
Figure 7.2 Periods of operation of individual dugong fisheries in Queensland, 1840-1970. Source: Author
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