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Fig. 2.42 The Franken Field reservoir - type log and
proposed depositional environment analogues. The model
elements are shown on the right-hand coloured logs, one
of which is associated with a delta interpretation for the
Upper Shelley, the other for an alternative coastal plain
model for the Upper Shelley. Sands are marked in yellow ,
muds in blue , intermediate lithologies in intermediate
colours (Image courtesy of Simon Smith)
4. The untrended object model for the two zone
realisation is the one most dominated by
stationarity, and looks
Any of above models presented in Figs. 2.43 ,
2.44 , and 2.45 could be offered as a 'best guess',
and could be supported at least superficially with
an appropriate story line. Presenting multiple
models using different layering schemes and
alternative algorithms also appears thorough
and in a peer-review it would be hard to know
the least
5. The addition of deterministic trends, both ver-
tical and lateral, creates more ordered, less
random-looking models, as the assumption
of stationarity is overridden by the conceptual
these models are 'good' or
representations of
the reservoir. However, a
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