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Fig. 6.5 Components of
the dune system; top photo :
grainflow bedsets; middle
photo : wind-ripple bedsets;
bottom photo : permeability
contrasts between wind-
ripple laminae emphasised
by weathering. The red
boxes approximate REVs
for each element
The REV summary in Fig. 6.4 is derived from
observations such as those in Fig. 6.5 , which
shows the contrast between thicker grainflow
beds and the fine laminations of the wind-ripple
strata. The values used to build the REV plot are
based on mini-permeameter data, calibrated
against core data from an analogue oil-field
over comparable lithologies.
The more blocky, homogeneous grainflow beds
achieve an REV at a relatively fine scale, and this
would be measured reasonably well by core plugs.
Log data would offer a good measure of average
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