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As showed in Fig. 8, auditors audition begins after the translation all finished. In
this task, translators cost 124343s and auditors cost 115010s to finish their work. The
transition time is 37153s and the total time is 276506s. T(two crowdsourcing tasks) =
T(translation) + T(transition)+ T(audition) = 124343s+37153s+115010s = 276506s.
In this process, we need to point out that there are obvious two parts of audition.
The first part's efficiency is pretty high but the second part lagged to begin and
procrastinate the total task time. If the second part of audition can begin earlier, which
means to reduce the audition cost to 5156s, then the total task time might reduce to
As showed in Fig. 9, audition began soon after the translation had started. In this
task, translators cost 104882s and auditors cost 91671s and their concurrent working
time is 90467s. The total time cost is 106086s. T(crowdsourcing task using quality
testing method) = T(translation) + T(audition) - T(concurrent working) = 104882s +
91671s - 90467s = 106086s
In this process, auditors' work a little lagged behind translators' work. And
auditions are separate to two parts due to the translators are not promptly finish their
With the data above, we can conclude that the efficiency of crowdsourcing task
using quality testing method is 276506s/106086s=2.61 times of the efficiency of two
crowdsourcing tasks. At the same time, if auditors finished their work in time in two
crowdsourcing tasks, its audition efficiency is 90467s/5165s=15.52 times of the
audition efficiency in crowdsourcing task using quality testing method. In addition,
for every word, translators spend much more time than auditors. The average
translation time is 43s, but the average audition time is less than 5s. For the pros and
cons of these two experiments, we have the following summary:
(1) For crowdsourcing task using quality testing method, audition started earlier
and finished earlier. However, the span of the total audition time is longer.
Due to some other factors, such as translators worked too slowly, the
efficiency of the task might decrease and the task stagnated.
(2) Oppositely, for two crowdsourcing tasks, if under the highest efficiency and
highest rate of work, task might be completed quickly. However, if sudden
events happened, its ability to handle emergency is low.
(3) Therefore, we suggest quality testing method for crowdsourcing tasks that
have lower audition speed. For crowdsourcing tasks with fast audition speed,
not considering quality feedback, we might use two crowdsourcing tasks.
Quality Influence of Quality Testing Method in PDCCP
In this experiment, we didn't prepare corresponding ground truth. Therefore, we used
human auditing the quality after the experiment.
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