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Submitted column. Once the word is submitted, it will be marked as ready for
audition and distribute to auditor's interface, which showed in the above Fig. 7.
Translators cannot edit the translation of their submitted words unless the auditors
evaluate it as a Bad Result and the system give the word back to translator's Saved
list. If the word passed audition, meanning that auditors judged it as a good result, it
will be regard as a good translation that could be add to the professional dictionary.
Fig. 7. Auditor's interface
This PDCCP is based on MVC (Model-View-Controller) framework, using the
currently popular method that separates the logic, interface and database to organize
the code. The Controller is responsible for reading the data from View and sending
data requirement or command to Model according to the logic. The Model is
responsible for access data or other operations from data port. The View is
responsible for the results display after data processing and it's the most important
class for user interaction. The View receives the data processed by the Controller and
displays after self-processing. The following Fig. 14 is only a simplified class
diagram for PDCCP; in fact the real class diagram is more substantial and
Besides the introduction of PDCCP, as we mentioned in early sections, for this
large-scale non-computing automatic testing crowdsourcing task type, we proposed a
Quality Control Method in PDCCP and also explored some Distribution Strategy in
PDCCP. In the following paragraphs, we will focus on the quality and efficiency
influences of Quality Control Method and Task Distribution Strategy in PDCCP.
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