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in cloud. In this paper, we research several typical cloud computing workflow sche-
duling algorithms and make a detailed analysis and comparison for them. Meanwhile,
we also give a detail about cloud computing tools, like CLoudSim, WorkflowSim and
other cloud simulation tools. CloudSim can facilitate the research of the cloud compu-
ting simulation and make it easy for researchers to set up their experimental platform;
while WorkflowSim and other systems can help researchers process the workflow
scheduling optimization according to their own requirements and parameters. At last,
we point out the existing problems of workflow scheduling algorithms and put for-
ward some opinions and the direction of improvement., In conclusion, the significant
findings of workflow scheduling algorithms in the cloud have been obtained but more
progress is still need.
Acknowledgment. This paper was supported by Nature Science Fund of China, under
grant number 61272063, 61402167, 61202111, 61402168, the Planned Science and
Technology Project of Hunan Province under grant number 13FJ4048, 2014GK3004,
and Scientific Research Fund of Hunan Provincial Education Department under grant
number 13C160.
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