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information recording, parking assistance, safe driving, and the prevention of traffic accidents.
Such systems record all details of the surrounding areas using an ultra-wide-angle lens (190°)
with high resolution. In order to use such images, distortion correction is necessary to enable
users to monitor these images.
This chapter proposed a distortion correction method for a camera model in which the dis-
tortion center correction method was optimized using the FOV model, and distortion cen-
ter was found using 2D paterns. Through the proposed method, complete distortion correc-
tion can be achieved in the vertical and horizontal directions so that images without size and
pattern distortion can be used for image processing, image recognition, and monitoring by
users. In general, cameras for AVM systems use high-precision center point estimation. Our
algorithm can produce high quality and minimum error of AVM top views from images ac-
quired from inexpensive cameras.
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