Image Processing Reference
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FIGURE 11 Experiment result using actual image. (a) Distorted image, (b) distorted correc-
tion result, (c) distorted correction result, (d) distorted correction result.
As shown in Figure 12 , there was a significant difference in the image interface matching be-
fore and after the distortion center estimation application. The distortion center estimation can
be more influential on the composition of a number of camera inputs than on a single camera
FIGURE 12 Comparison between image compositions before and after distortion center es-
timation. (a) Image composition prior to application of the distortion center estimation value,
(b) image composition after application of the distortion center estimation value.
5 Application of algorithm to products improving
vehicle convenience
We study on products which provide us with safety and convenience of vehicle. This al-
gorithm can be applied in a way that wide-angle camera can be used to recognize danger in-
formation at the place where clear view is not secured for the driver. It can be applied to the
rear view camera and SVM system.
5.1 Rear View Camera
The algorithm is used for rear view camera to correct the distortion in one channel image. It is
very important algorithm for rear view camera whose angle is linked to the steering angle as
giving driving direction in accordance with steering angle.
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