Image Processing Reference
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Precision distortion correction
technique based on FOV
model for wide-angle cameras
in automotive sector
Haijung Choi 1 ; Jeong Goo Seo 1 ; Dae Hyuck Park 1 ; Eui Sun Kang 2
1 SANE Co., Ltd, Seoul, Korea
2 Soongsil University, Seoul, Korea
This chapter proposes a method for estimating a distortion center to correct the radial distortion that
occurs when capturing images with a wide-angle fish-eye lens. In the field of view (FOV) distortion cor-
rection model, the error of the distortion center and center of the image increases because it does not
estimate the distortion center of a lens separately. This drawback deteriorates the accuracy of distortion
correction. Thus, this chapter proposes a distortion correction method using the FOV model and 2D pat-
terns in order to increase the accuracy of the distortion center estimation of a wide-angle lens. To achieve
this goal, a distortion curve generated from the FOV model is compared with a straight line, thereby
setting the position of the minimum difference between the curve and the straight line as the distortion
center. Through this method, the accuracy of the estimation of the center of the distortion that occurs
owing the error in the alignment of center points of a lens and the imaging sensor can be improved. This
was also verified through experiments.
Index distortion center estimation
FOV model
2D patern
190° wide-angle camera
Around View Monitor (AVM)
Surround View Monitor (SVM)
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