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Table 4
Performance with the Combination of Correlation and Absolute Difference
Template Length (Correlation + Absolute Difference) Recall (%) Precision (%) F-Measure
20 + 20
30 + 15
The best mix of two similarities works well. The F-measure of the best mix one increases
5% from the single correlation similarity. There is a difference in the best length of templates
between the similarity based on absolute difference and the one based on correlation.
6 Conclusions
This paper discusses the length of templates on the retrieval of similar plays in sport MPEG
videos using similar motion retrieval based on both of correlation and absolute difference. For
recognizing sport videos, the motions represent important meanings. In the cases, there must
be similar video retrieval methods based on the motions described in the videos. The proposed
similar play retrieval method is the combination of correlation and absolute difference motion
based on only motion compensation vectors in MPEG videos.
The experiments show that the similar play retrieval works well using correlation and ab-
solute difference on ST-images made from motion compensation vectors in MPEG videos.
Moreover, the best mix of the length of templates in absolute difference and correlation is bet-
ter than the same template. Classical works using MPEG motion compensation vector only
use global-scale motions. However, the proposed method utilizes local motions. The proposed
combination of correlation-based similarity measure and absolute difference-based similarity
measure works well in our experiments. Using both similarity measures, the proposed meth-
od gets some more performance than a single correlation based similarity measure based on
motion based ST-images.
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