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In Equation (4) , S C ( I T , I V ) is the similarity between an ST-image I T and I V . I T is a template
ST-image. I V is a part of ST-image from a video. NCol( I Tp , I Vp ) is the normalized correlation
between I Tp and I Vp over a video V . The normalized correlation is normalized on the pair of the
template ST-image and the ST-image from a video over the video. Th p is the threshold. p is one
of x and y that represent the X -direction motion and Y -direction motion. This similarity meas-
ure is scalar.
Equation (5) is the formal definition of NCol. SD is a standard derivation over the video V .
Col is the correlation.
4.2 Similarity Measure in Motion Space-Time Image Based on
Absolute Differences
We use the absolute difference as the measure of similarity in the motion description. In the
case, we have two-dimensional absolute differences. They are the absolute differences based
on both of X -direction motion and Y -direction motion. If there is a similar motion between the
template and the retrieved part of the ST image, both of the two absolute differences are small.
We use the similarity measure shown in the following equation:
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