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Anecdotes extraction from
webpage context as image
Chuen-Min Huang Department of Information Management, National Yunlin University of Science & Technology, Yunlin, Taiwan, ROC
Traditional feature-based or text processing techniques tend to assign the same annotation to all the im-
ages in the same cluster without considering the latent semantic anecdotes of each image. In this re-
search, we propose the Chinese lexical chain processing method which is a botom-up concatenating pro-
cess based on the intensity and the degree of a lexical chain (LC) to extract the most meaningful LCs as
anecdotes from a string. It requires minimum computation that allows sharing characters/words and fa-
cilitating their use at fine granularities without prohibitive cost. In the experiment, this method achieves
a precision rate of 84.6%, and gains acceptance from expert rating and user rating of 84% and 76.6%,
respectively. In performance testing, it only takes 0.007 s to process each image in a collection of 18,000
testing data set.
Anecdotes extraction
Automatic image annotation
Chinese lexical chain processing
Lexical chain
This study was supported by the National Science Council, Taiwan, Republic of China, under
the project of special research projects of free software (NSC101-2221-E-224-056).
1 Introduction
Due to the rapid growth of digital technology, it is impractical to annotate a huge amount of
images manually. Traditional research in this area focuses on content based image retrieval
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