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The result of the experiments for determining the best threshold value which is 0.025
is shown in Figure 3 . The experiments on Hollywood dataset were carried out using this
threshold value.
FIGURE 3 Threshold estimation in segment representation for Hollywood Human Actions.
Comparison is made with the popular state-of-the-art Weizmann dataset. The dataset con-
tains the actions “walk,” “run,” “jump,” “side,” “bend,” “one-hand wave,” “two-hands
wave,” “pjump,” “jack,” and “skip.”
First, the threshold estimation is carried out for this set again. As shown in Figure 4 , the
threshold values 0.020 − 0.025 gave the best results. These values were used in evaluating the
results over this dataset.
FIGURE 4 Threshold estimation in segment representation for Weizmann dataset.
The comparison of our method in terms of recognition rates with the essential studies hav-
ing different viewpoints in human action recognition and segment classification is shown in
Table 2 .
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