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where E int is the internal energy decided by the curve, α and β control the continuity and
smoothness, respectively. E ext is the external energy decided by the image information. The
VFC Snake is an active contour model whose external force is VFC field. First defined a vector
field. kennel:
where m ( x , y ) is the vector magnitude and n ( x , y ) is the unit vector pointing to the kennel origin
(0, 0):
Here, r = ( x 2 + y 2 ) 1/2 . The external force is calculated by convoluting the vector field kennel
k ( x , y ) and the edge map f ( x , y ), defined as
2.4.2 Improved VFC Snake model
First, we use the typical VFC Snake model to detect the lesion area; however, there are obvious
distortions in the segmented results. By analyzing the force field of the model, we observe that
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