Image Processing Reference
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Table 1
Comparison of the Techniques by Different Measures
Acc 0.9787 0.9569 0.8911 0.9844
F1 0.6935 0.6230 0.6212 0.8106
MCC 0.7184 0.6632 0.6516 0.8236
Jaccard 0.5907 0.4960 0.5396 0.7103
Figure 7 shows a visual representation of the results is given in Table 1 .
FIGURE 7 Comparison of the results.
In almost all cases, DT-Binarize was able to generate the best binary image in the testing
stage. Figure 8 shows a sample test case in which our technique can successfully generate the
best result.
FIGURE 8 A sample test case: (a) original image, (b) ground truth image, (c) g90 threshold,
(d) g100 threshold, (e) Otsu threshold, and (f) DT-Binarize.
However, there are also few cases that our technique could not provide proper binary image
of the protein crystal. Figure 9 shows a sample image for that case.
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