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FIGURE 8 (a and b) Comparison among MaxShift (Blue Function), GBbBShift (Green Func-
tion) and ρGBbBShift (Red Function) methods applied to H i -SET coder. (c and d) Comparison
between MaxShift method applied to JPEG2000 coder and ρGBbBShift applied to H i -SET
coder. 512 × 512 pixel Image Lenna with 8 bpp is employed for this experiment. ROI is a
patch at the center of the image, whose size is 1/16 of the image. The overall image quality of
decoded images at different bits per pixels are contrasted both (a and c) objectively and (b
and d) subjectively.
Figure 9 shows a visual example, when image Lenna is compressed at 0.34 bpp by JPEG2000
and H i -SET. Thus, it can be observed that ρGBbBShift provides an important perceptual dif-
ference regarding the MaxShift method ( Figure 9(d) ). Furthermore, Figure 9(b) and (c) shows
the examples when MaxShift and GBbBShift methods, respectively, are applied to the H i -SET
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