Image Processing Reference
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shows the examples when MaxShift and GBbBShift methods, respectively, are applied to the
H i -SET coder.
FIGURE 7 512 × 512 pixel Image 1600 from CSIQ image data base with 8 bpp. ROI is a
patch at the center of the image, whose size is 1/16 of the image. Decoded images at
0.42 bpp using φ = 8 for MaxShift method (a) in JPEG2000 coder and (b) in H i -SET coder,
and BPmask = 1111000110110000 for (c) GBbBShift and (d) ρGBbBShift methods in H i -SET
Similarly, when an ROI area is defined in Image Lenna, Figure 8(a) and (b) shows the com-
parison among MaxShift (Blue Function), GBbBShift (Green Function), and GBbBShift (Red
Function) methods applied to H i -SET coder. 512 × 512 pixel Image Lenna for grayscale is em-
ploy for this experiment. These figures also show that the ρGBbBShift method gets the bet-
ter results both in PSNR (objective image quality, Figure 8(a) ) and CwPSNR (subjective im-
age quality, Figure 8(b) ) in contrast to MaxShift and GBbBShift methods. In addition, when
MaxShift method applied to JPEG2000 coder and ρGBbBShift applied to H i -SET coder are
compared, ρGBbBShift obtains less objective quality ( Figure 8(c) ), but beter subjective quality
for grayscale images ( Figure 8(d) ).
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